TechnologyArtificial Intelligence is now capable of predicting if you will be unfaithful...

    Artificial Intelligence is now capable of predicting if you will be unfaithful to your partner

    A group of researchers from the University of Lausanne, led by Professor Laura M. Vowels, has carried out an innovative study that sheds light on the possibility of predict infidelity in a relationship using Artificial Intelligence. This study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, focused on identifying the main predictors of infidelity from a wide range of variables.

    Throughout the research, the complexities and contradictions that have characterized previous studies on infidelity in relationships were addressed.. Professor Laura M. Vowels, who is principal investigator of and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne, explained that interest in this topic arose from the previous work of Dr. Kristen Mark, co-author of the study, who had investigated infidelity on several occasions.

    To carry out this research, Vowels’s team combined data from two different studies.. The first data set involved 891 adults, most of whom were married or cohabiting with a partner, and the second data set came from 202 mixed-race couples with an average relationship of 9 years. These data included a wide range of variables, from demographic measures to assessments of sexual behavior.sexual satisfaction, satisfaction with the relationship and attachment styles.

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    The key innovation of this study was the use of machine learning techniques to analyze the data. Researchers identified the top ten predictors of infidelity both in person and online. One of the most significant findings was that relationship satisfaction emerged as a strong predictor of a lower likelihood of in-person infidelity, for both men and women. On the other hand, a greater desire for solo sexual activity, a desire to have sex with a partner, and a longer relationship were associated with a greater likelihood of in-person infidelity.

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    In the case of online infidelity, higher sexual desire and a longer relationship were also found to predict a higher likelihood of infidelity.. Interestingly, never having had anal sex with one’s current partner was correlated with a decreased likelihood of online infidelity, suggesting more conservative attitudes toward sexuality.

    Professor Vowels stressed that although there are no specific predictors of infidelity, factors related to the quality of the relationship proved to be more predictive. than the individual characteristics of people. In this sense, he emphasized that maintaining a solid and healthy relationship can be more effective in preventing infidelity than looking for specific characteristics in people’s personalities.

    This study highlights the importance of addressing relationship problems, such as romantic and sexual satisfaction, as a means to prevent infidelity.. The researchers conclude that intervening in relationships when difficulties arise can be an effective strategy to avoid future infidelities. In addition, they point out that open communication about sexual needs and desires can be key to reducing the risk of infidelity.

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    It is important to note that this study focused on predicting past experiences of infidelity from current evaluations., which could limit your ability to foresee current or future infidelity. Therefore, the researchers suggest that future research could analyze other variables and consider recent infidelity to obtain more accurate and reliable results.

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