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    Apple will pay a $50 million settlement for a design problem in the keyboards of its MacBooks

    Apple reached a settlement for $50 million due to a design error in the keyboards of its MacBooks, which affected a considerable number of users of the brand. This agreement represents compensation for the approximately 86,000 affected, who will have the opportunity to receive reimbursement for the repair costs they had to face due to this problem.

    The case originated as a result of a class action lawsuit filed by users of Apple laptops, specifically those launched on the market between 2015 and 2019.. These MacBook models have been known to have faulty keyboards, causing significant inconvenience and annoyance for users.

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    Defective MacBook keyboards were known to be prone to interruptions in performance due to the accumulation of dust and particles under the keys. This situation not only affected the typing experience, but also required expensive repairs to fix the problem.

    As a result of the lawsuit and subsequent negotiations, Apple has agreed to set aside $50 million to compensate affected users. It is expected that each of those affected can receive up to $395 dollarswhich would cover the costs of repairs they had to face due to the keyboard design error.

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    This settlement is a significant step by Apple to address the concerns and issues experienced by affected users.. In addition to financial compensation, the company has also implemented measures to improve the quality and reliability of keyboards in later MacBook models, ensuring a more satisfying and long-lasting typing experience.

    Apple has recognized the responsibility to solve problems related to its products and has taken steps to ensure the satisfaction of its users..

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