TechnologyApple CEO revealed that he uses ChatGPT

    Apple CEO revealed that he uses ChatGPT

    Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently revealed that he uses ChatGPT, the popular conversational artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI.. In an interview, Cook stated that his company is closely following the development of this technology and is excited by the unique applications it offers.

    Cook expressed his enthusiasm for the capabilities of ChatGPT, highlighting his ability to understand and answer questions in a coherent and natural way. According to him, this tool has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with technology, allowing more fluid and efficient communication.

    However, Cook also stressed the importance of ethics in the use of artificial intelligence.. In the future, he said, each company will need to take responsibility for making its own ethical decisions regarding the use of AI. Cook acknowledged that while there are ethical regulations and guidelines in place today, it is extremely difficult for them to keep up with the rapid progress that artificial intelligence promises.

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    The Apple CEO pointed out that Artificial Intelligence is advancing at a dizzying pace, constantly exceeding expectations and carrying out increasingly complex tasks.. This poses significant challenges for society in terms of privacy, security, and fairness. Cook underscored the importance of proactively addressing these challenges and ensuring AI companies and developers adhere to high ethical standards.

    Tim Cook’s statements about his use of ChatGPT have shocked many in the industry and beyond.. Until now, few business leaders of his stature and stature have openly disclosed their direct involvement in the use of conversational AI tools.

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    As the CEO of one of the world’s most influential and renowned technology companies, Cook is known for being cautious and secretive when it comes to the details of Apple’s internal technologies. Therefore, its claim to use ChatGPT has generated a lot of interest and prompted a number of questions about how Apple might be leveraging this technology in its products and services..

    Cook’s disclosure has also sparked speculation about possible applications of ChatGPT within Apple products. Users and fans of the brand have begun to imagine how this conversational AI tool could further enhance the user experience on devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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