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    Android 13: what changes does the new version of Google’s operating system bring

    Google officially introduced Android 13the new version of your operating system that is now available for users who have a Google Pixel device. For now, the search engine brand phones are the only ones that can enjoy the new version of Android.

    It is expected that before the end of the year, the update will also reach devices from other companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo and Realme.. However, for now users with these types of phones will have to have a little more patience before they can update their equipment.

    The main changes that users will be able to see, once they can update to Android 13, have to do mainly with changes in the user interface and certain improvements in the behavior of the equipment.

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    Here are the main changes that the new Android 13 brings:

    One of the most striking aspects from the visual point of view in the new version of Android is the change of the traditional icons of the different functions of the phone. According to the information published by Google, the change goes beyond simple designs because now the icons can change color depending on the wallpaper chosen by the user.

    In this way, it is guaranteed that users have a wide range of tools to personalize their cell phones and that they can become unique.

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    Another aspect in which improvements were also made was in the multimedia player integrated by default with Android 13. This will be able to change tones depending on the music and the cover of the album that the user is listening tosimilar to how it happens in Spotify.

    As if this were not enough, now the playback bar will also have an animation that will allow it to move to the rhythm at which the music is played.

    With Android 13, users will have the possibility to configure each of your applications separately. This means that each of them can operate in a different languagesomething that until now was impossible.

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    In addition, the user will be able to configure a language for the system that is completely different from that of the installed applications.

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