TechnologyAn island 10 times smaller than Los Angeles is becoming a millionaire...

    An island 10 times smaller than Los Angeles is becoming a millionaire thanks to AI

    The tiny island of Anguilla, often overlooked on the world map, is experiencing a surprising economic boom thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).. This Caribbean paradise, with a population of approximately 16,000 inhabitants and a territory that is almost 10 times smaller than the city of Los Angeles, has become an unexpected center of digital wealth.

    What is even more astonishing is that This year, each of its residents will receive around $2,000 dollars, which adds up to more than $30 million dollars in total. How has this island achieved such a remarkable achievement? The answer lies in an unusual place: web domains. In particular, Anguilla has gained an exclusive source of income through .ai domains, which are highly recognized for their connection to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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    Although we might expect this economic success to be due to the installation of data centers or agreements with technology giants such as OpenAI or Google, the truth is that The key lies in the exclusive ownership of .ai domains. World-renowned companies like Google, X, Microsoft, and Facebook also own and use these web domains for their AI-related projects.

    Since the launch of ChatGPT and the rise of global interest in AI, demand for these .ai domains has skyrocketed. This has made Anguilla the unexpected epicenter of a burgeoning digital market. The income generated from the sale and use of these domains is expected to reach more than $30 million in the next year, representing approximately 30% of the island’s total income.

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    This economic phenomenon on the Island of Anguilla demonstrates how opportunities can arise in the most unexpected places and thanks to technological innovation. Ownership of .ai domains has transformed the island’s economy, providing its residents with a significant source of income while also positioning Anguilla as a focal point in the growing field of Artificial Intelligence globally.

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