TechnologyAmazon mistakenly published all the details of the Pixel Watch, Google's smart...

    Amazon mistakenly published all the details of the Pixel Watch, Google’s smart watch

    Amazon mistakenly published all the details of the Pixel Watch, Google's smart watch

    A few days after the official presentation of Google’s Pixel Watch, all its features and functionalities are already known due to leaks. The most recent of them came from the hand of an error by Amazon Germany, which mistakenly listed the product thus revealing all its technical specifications.

    Among the information provided by the leak is, in addition to the appearance of the clock itself, the tones of the different straps of the device and the fact that Will it be compatible with Fitbit?. Due to its context, it is one of the biggest leaks of Google products in recent years since the four watch models were made public before being presented by their manufacturer.

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    Google is scheduled to present the Pixel Watch this Thursday, October 6. However, it is unknown if the company plans to present any additional products in a way that they can overshadow the leak.

    Amazon’s post also revealed that the new watch will be priced at approximately $350 per unit.which would make it a significantly cheaper option than the Apple Watch, which can easily top $1,220.

    His arrival also occurs a few weeks after the presentation of the new generation of Apple’s smart watch, which should be noted that according to reports he would be suffering from problems with his microphone. Among the promotional images published by Amazon could be seen a representation of what the user interface will look like when making an emergency call.

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    Once Amazon detected that the publication of the phone had been carried out ahead of time, they chose to eliminate it. in such a way that they could minimize the impact of the leak.

    This is not something entirely new for Google that in each presentation of its new products it must deal with constant leaks that reveal all the technical aspects of the devices. A clear example of this occurred earlier this year when it was revealed that a person had put one of the Google Pixel 7 prototypes up for sale, something unprecedented to date prior to the launch of a phone.

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    At the moment from Google they have not issued any type of statement regarding this new leak that subtracts intrigue from the company’s next major launch.

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