TechnologyAmazon Echo Show devices can now be controlled using gestures

    Amazon Echo Show devices can now be controlled using gestures

    Amazon announced a new update for its Echo Show devices that will allow users to control them using hand gestures.. The company explained that the new feature will only be available on second-generation Echo Show 8 devices and third-generation Echo Show 10 devices.

    With the new tool those people who have one of these devices will be able to deactivate timers simply by raising their hand with the palm facing the device’s camera.

    “This new feature is optional and can be very useful when talking to Alexa or touching the Echo Show screen is inconvenient. For example, when you want to deactivate a timer while you are cooking, but your hands are dirty and the music is blaring, you will only have to raise your hand to deactivate the alert”, they explained.

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    The function can be particularly useful in the case of people with some type of verbal or motor disabilitywhich for one reason or another cannot use the traditional methods to indicate commands to the Eco Show.

    In order to use this function, users must activate it from the device settings menu. Once the person is in the “Settings” menu and later pressing the “Device Options” button and finally “Gestures”.

    This update to the Amazon Echo Show comes months after the company introduced the Echo Dot 2022 and the Echo Dot with a clockwhich are considered one of the best devices in terms of audio quality and price.

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    High audio quality is possible because the speaker makes use of a custom full-range driver, as well as a more powerful speaker.

    As part of its launches during the last part of 2022, Amazon also presented the Echo Studio and the Echo Auto.. The first of them has the novelty of incorporating spatial audio technology, so users can experience surround sound like never before.

    While the Echo Auto have the novelty of having a more compact and minimalist design, which makes it easier to install in the car.

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