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    Ajax GPT: Apple has almost ready an AI that promises to be much more powerful than ChatGPT

    Apple is immersed in an ambitious artificial intelligence project that has unleashed enormous interest and expectation in the technology community. The apple company is allocating an astonishing amount of financial resources to develop a revolutionary conversational AI, known internally as “Ajax GPT”. This project has been carefully guarded by Apple, perhaps even more so than the details of the upcoming iPhone 15, underscoring the company’s determination to establish itself as a leader in the field of AI.

    The unit responsible for this ambitious effort is called “Fundamental Models” and has a team of around 16 AI experts., including talent from companies like Google. This group is led by John Giannandrea, Apple’s head of artificial intelligence, who was recruited in 2018 with the goal of boosting Siri’s capabilities.

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    The most impressive thing about this project is the financial investment that is involved. It is estimated that Apple is spending millions of dollars a day to train Ajax GPT, which translates into unprecedented processing capacity. This huge expense gives Apple a significant advantage in terms of computational resources compared to services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Apple’s AI has been trained on over 200 billion parameters, putting it at a level of sophistication that far exceeds OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, which serves as the foundation for ChatGPT.

    While details about Ajax GPT are kept under a heavy veil of secrecy, it has been revealed that this model is intended for a wide range of applications.. One of the projects under development is a chatbot that would interact with customers using AppleCare, providing more advanced and personalized support. Additionally, automating complex tasks using Siri is being explored, which could change the way we interact with our Apple devices.

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    Although the secrecy surrounding Apple’s Ajax GPT project makes information sparse and fraught with uncertainty, It has been speculated that the development of this AI is in its final stages.. This could indicate that in the not too distant future, users could have access to this impressive technology. However, the big question that remains is how Apple plans to make Ajax available to the general public.

    Given the secretive nature of the company, It’s hard to predict if Apple will choose to integrate Ajax GPT directly into its current products and services, such as Siri or AppleCare., or if you have plans to launch an independent conversation platform based on this AI. What is clear is that Apple is willing to mark a before and after in the world of artificial intelligence

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