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    AirPods Pro vs Beats Studio: which is the best option to listen to music in HQ

    Apple has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality hearing aids thanks to products like AirPods and Beats, considered top of the range. While both offer advanced features, each is designed for a different audience.

    This can be seen in the functionalities that they incorporate and proof of this is that the second generation of AirPods Pro are one of the best options for those users who want a wireless option to consume content from their iPhones. Part of their success is due to the fact that they have an H2 chip that improves audio quality, while allowing you to enjoy noise cancellation, a functionality that has become an industry standard in both high-end headphones and mid-range.

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    Added to this is alsoThey have specially designed microphones to provide excellent audio quality when making calls. With regard to volume control, this can be done both from the phone and from the AirPod itself, since these have touch controls that are activated by sliding your finger over its surface.

    It should be noted thate Airpods Pro 2 have a battery life of up to six hoursso a charge can easily last for a day without any problem.

    As in the case of AirPods, The Beats have multiple models of headphones, the Studio 3 Wireless being one of the most powerful and sophisticated. The particularity of these is that they are capable of providing a completely immersive audio experience since they are circumaural headphones, popularly known as over-ear.

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    One of the reasons why the Beats Studio 3 Wireless can offer such a high-quality audio experience is that inside there is a W1 chip that is responsible for calibrating the audio so that the sound received by the user is the best possible.

    One aspect in which it ranks above AirPods is when it comes to noise cancellation. because they are capable of blocking all the noise coming from outside in such a way that the user’s ear only detects the sound generated by the headphones.

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    From all this it is possible to say thate if the user requires headphones to enjoy audio at the highest quality, the best option is to opt for the Beats Studio 3 Wireless. However, if what the user wants is the versatility of more compact headphones that can be used on a daily basis, it is best to opt for AirPods.

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