Technology5G is generating a problem in millions of phones and so far...

    5G is generating a problem in millions of phones and so far experts have not found a solution

    The use of 5G networks is having a negative impact on the battery life of phones that are compatible with this technology. Unlike 4G networks, 5G consumes a higher amount of power, leading to a reduction in device autonomy.

    According to the data collected, 5G consumption can be between 6% and 11% higher compared to the use of 4G-LTE networks, depending on the System on a Chip (SoC) used in the device. In this sense, it has been observed that Qualcomm processors are the most efficient, followed by MediaTek. On the other hand, Samsung’s Exynos are the ones that manage energy consumption the worst.

    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has indicated that more content consumption of 5G will not be achieved until the network and infrastructure are fully adapted to this technology.. These days, it’s common for phones to constantly switch between 5G and 4G networks due to lack of coverage, which causes significant battery drain. This frequent switching between networks to maintain seamless connectivity contributes to additional power consumption.

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    In addition, the modems used to manage 5G networks also demand more power. These modems have a larger number of antennas, as they must be able to receive connectivity for both 4G LTE and 5G SA/NSA. Although the 5G standard has been with us for several years, more work is still required to develop even more efficient chips in terms of power consumption.

    Millions of phones are already experiencing this problem of excessive battery consumption due to the use of 5G networks. As 5G technology expands and is deployed in more places, more users are facing reduced battery life on their devices.

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    In this situation, the only practical and effective solution to counter excessive battery consumption is to configure the phone to connect to the 4G network instead of the 5G network. This is because the 4G network consumes less power compared to 5G and offers a similar user experience in many cases.

    Although 5G offers faster download speeds and lower latency, if users are concerned about battery life and don’t require 5G-specific features at the moment, switching to 4G may be a viable option. This can be done through the phone settings, where you can manually select the preferred network or turn off the option to automatically connect to the 5G network.

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    It is important to mention that this solution is temporary and depends on the individual needs of each user. As 5G network infrastructure improves and SoCs and modems are optimized for more efficient power consumption, long-term solutions to this problem are likely to be found. Meanwhile, adjusting your phone’s settings to prioritize the 4G network can help extend battery life on 5G-enabled devices.

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