SportsWomen's team: it is not a transition, it is a revolution

    Women’s team: it is not a transition, it is a revolution

    The federation is wrong if it tries to function as if nothing happened after Rubiales’ disqualification. Nobody would understand its paralysis because there are issues that require administrative and sporting operations regardless of whether the president is there or not, such as the qualification matches for the Euro Cup. It happens that dispatching has nothing to do with governing and the current managers seem so comfortable in their positions and satisfied with the contradictory and clientelist behavior of their assembly that they go miles after understanding that the pressure will decrease without Rubiales and also without his ally Vilda . However, it is not just a question of personalism and very personal, but it has become collective and of maximum social and political interest due to the significance of the world championship achieved by the women’s team and the appropriation of the title by Rubiales.

    Regardless of how the federation looks and feels, its relationship with the international players and with the Higher Sports Council has changed drastically since the 2023 World Cup. The footballers are not satisfied with a federative transition, symbolized right now with the appointment of I took over as coach, and the Government has no choice but to rethink its way of acting once it has verified that it was wrong with its regards towards Rubiales. It is no longer the need to remove and put faces, nor an exclusively gender issue; Not just about money, but about conduct and management that requires competent and professional directors and executives, nothing to do with the amateurism and cronyism that has largely governed those responsible for women’s football in the federation since Las Rozas.

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    Luis Rubiales
    Rubiales, during the assembly.AFP

    The players warned that they will not return to the national team if structural or leadership changes were not made after the members of the plenary session lost their credibility due to their ability to applaud first and correct themselves later when Rubiales did not resign. The internationals have hard-earned and over time a position of advantage that they do not plan to waste: it is not a reform but a revolution, it is the substance and the form, which must equally favor a men’s team that for many days She was a spectator of Rubiales’s delirious performance. The soccer players urge the modernization of the federation while delaying the start of the League. The call for the strike, conditioned by the different nature and resources of the clubs, shows that women’s football asserts itself and on its path towards equality will not compromise on points like the one symbolized by Rubiales.

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    There will be no solution as long as the proposals come exclusively from those who only make concessions to be able to remain in power and by extension maintain a masculinized world whose representativeness is obsolete, such as football, which has little to do with some Olympic sports in which women are the flag since London 2012. Equality of conditions is the necessary starting point to do well or very well after doing very poorly after the 2023 World Cup. The oldest internationals who won champions in Sydney know this very well and lead the revolt because They are the meeting point between the young people who ask for passage and the withdrawn ones who do not want to fall into oblivion and be victims of the classic Lampedusian turn.

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