SportsWhere the hell was Buyo going!

    Where the hell was Buyo going!

    I don’t know about you, but I stopped being interested in the soap opera about Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid the same night that Paco Buyo gave us that impossible exclusive: “Mbappe’s mother negotiates well like the good Argentine that she is”, said the legendary goalkeeper in The beach bar to the astonishment of the staff. Matias Palacios, a narrator from Buenos Aires who was on the set that night, could not believe it. “How Argentinian? I didn’t know she was Argentine! ”, He was completely surprised while giving a small start. Then came Buyo’s final sentence, who looked at Palacios with those judging eyes of which he knows that the mere fact of being Argentine does not enable you to know all the Argentines on the planet. Not even all the Argentines in Buenos Aires, Paris or Madrid. “Well, now you know,” Don Paco concluded boastfully.

    exclusive and rock’n’roll Besides, there should not be a single living being on the planet that does not feel a certain boredom for a plot that does not bring any news about the previous year. Or the previous one. Or the one from before to before, a bit like in The Serranos, where everything was reduced to the morbidity of knowing if the adolescent stepbrothers ended up having a crush or, on the contrary, ended up causing the sudden divorce of their parents due to incompatibility of charges. We all know that Real Madrid aspires (almost silently, but not much) to dress Cristiano Ronaldo’s natural successor in white. And we also suspect a majority that Kylian Mbappe longs to put on the shirt of his former idol and make his new mansion in the shape of a multifunction photocopier that Madrid is finishing building for the greater glory of its president.

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    Florentino Perez appears calm when a Real Madrid player assaults him with the question about what he was talking about on the street. He smacks Mayor Almeida from time to time, true, but he seems calm, relaxed, perfectly aware that certain issues only have one way. And Florentino knows how to open channels of communication —or circulation—, who was the first to come out and forgive the Frenchman when, just a few months ago, he dared to leave Real Madrid with the meme planted. “He has had to endure great pressure, even Emmanuel Macron has called him”, they took iron from his renewal by PSG from the Bernabeu offices, aware that the game was not over. “A lot of police work is waiting. And knowing how to listen”, Lester Freamon told the young Pryzbylewski in The Wire. And in those it seems that we are: waiting for a telephone to ring on the other side of the world that unleashes the definitive earthquake in the increasingly predictable world of football.

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    Any outcome that does not end with Mbappe kissing the shield in the center of the field and looking at the new retractable cover with fear that it will fall on his head, like the good Frenchman that he is, would be as big a surprise as Buyo’s exclusive at the Chiringuito… What a great night that was! In the end it turned out that Mbappe’s mother was Algerian, not Argentine and, almost immediately, I remembered that friend of mine, a Real Madrid player and good people who, years after the goal conceded by the Galician goalkeeper in Tenerife, still kept waking up at night between cold sweats and shouting: “Where the hell was Buyo going!”

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