SportsThe Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid opens proceedings for the racist chants...

    The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid opens proceedings for the racist chants to Vinicius

    The Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid opens proceedings for the racist chants to Vinicius

    The Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has opened investigation proceedings in relation to the racist chants against Vinicius that occurred both outside and inside the Civitas Metropolitano last Sunday before and during the derby between Atletico and Real Madrid. The proceedings have been opened after the complaint presented on Monday at 10 in the morning by the Movement against Intolerance, Racism and Xenophobia. The Prosecutor’s Office calls on the Police to analyze the recordings of these events in order to identify the people who used racist insults and, where appropriate, inform them of whether these people have any kind of relationship with violent groups or extremist ideological movements. . Or if, also, they were identified in another series of incidents or infractions of a similar nature.

    At the same time, he asks the Police to verify if more racist episodes against a certain Real Madrid player were repeated inside the stadium. Likewise, it requests information from the security services of Atletico de Madrid that could help clarify the facts, as well as the arbitration record of the match. In principle, the Prosecutor’s Office tries to determine if a crime related to the exercise of fundamental rights and public freedoms has been committed.

    The news that the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has opened investigative proceedings closes a week in which all classes, from sports to politics, unanimously condemned the racist shouting at Vinicius. Those “you’re a monkey, you’re a monkey” have not only gone around the world, but have been valid until the intervention of Congress -presented on Tuesday an institutional declaration signed by all the groups- and of the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez who, In an interview with Politico, he said that as a follower of Atletico, a strong message from the rojiblanco club was expected. The League denounced just on Thursday 24 offensive messages in the Madrid derby, three of them racist. And the Anti-Violence Commission has asked clubs to help identify those who spread racist messages in football.

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    Esteban Ibarra, president of the Movement against Intolerance, Racism and Xenophobia, who filed the complaint on Monday, tells EL PAIS that he is very happy with the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office and explains why and what this means. “First it is a message of firmness of the rule of law. Second is support for the victim. Third, it is a defense of human rights. Fourth and most important: it is a warning message to navigators”. To who? “To the many organized ultras… you already know that this is serious, that this is about the law and complaints. It is a clear pedagogical message, if tomorrow the ultras of Betis, Cadiz or any other team do the same, that they know what they are facing”, he replies.

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    The Barcelona Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office has acted, for example, against three Espanyol fans who in January 2020 uttered racist insults at Inaki Williams. LaLiga filed a complaint, the Prosecutor’s Office opened proceedings and after identifying those responsible, they appeared and opened an oral trial. The lawsuit, pioneer, and the trial could be the first conviction for racist insults in football. For that to happen also with the proceedings opened by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, it is first necessary to identify those responsible, hence his appeal to the Police and the club. It is, of course, one more measure of pressure and one more symptom of what Inigo Errejon indicated throughout the week with his: “We are no longer going to look the other way”.

    If this will mark a before or after to eradicate racism in soccer, Ibarra says that it will depend a lot on the previous proceedings. He is excited that all week they have all gone to one. “If there is citizen participation that sends images of inside and outside the stadium to the police, it will help a lot. And that’s not being a sneak, it’s being a humanist,” he says. And he adds: Atletico has to be consistent now with the statement it published on Monday because it has a lot of information about the offenders. You have one chance to end this. The club security coordinator is in front of them [los del Fondo Sur]… Atletico is not racist, neither are their fans, but there are racist groups in their stadium that have to be expelled”.

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    In that sense, he says he celebrates LaLiga’s complaint to the Anti-Violence Commission, in charge of proposing the sanctions. “Your report of him is very valuable. On 16 of 24 occasions he points to the South Fund stands where there are 2,000 people, the ultras are there. There they sang in minute 88 ‘Madridistas bastards’. 88 is the neo-Nazi acronym for Heil Hitler and that is the message they are giving. That does not mean that the 2,000 of the southern bottom are neo-Nazis, but there is a group that is and that drags the others”, he concludes.

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