SportsThe Lenovo Tenerife scales its Tourmalet butler

    The Lenovo Tenerife scales its Tourmalet butler

    Copa del Rey – semi-final – working day 1

    Youth Badalona

    Youth Badalona
    lenovo tenerife

    lenovo tenerife
    Abromaitis blocks Parra in the last second of the match.
    Abromaitis blocks Parra in the last second of the match.MEAN CBA

    Cook caught an assist from Marcelinho and, in the air, with suspense and stumbles, the ball went through the hoop for his first points of the duel with 3.9 seconds remaining in the light. A point above for Lenovo Tenerife that, Homerically, endured the electric pressure cooker of the Badalona Olympic and also the stellar performance of Joel Parra (26 points) who, to his chagrin, took a stopper from Abromaitis on the horn . Historic cap for Tenerife, which reached its first final and, incidentally, contradicted its coach.

    It turns out that Txus Vidorreta resolved a day before that his team is Raymond Poulidor of the Cup. pou pouhe eternal secondHe was a huge cyclist who had the misfortune of sharing the season and the road with the Cannibal Eddy Merckx, which prevented him from being crowned in the Tour (he came second three times and third five times). Tenerife, already with the orange ball in their hands, never tasted a cup final either, even though they reached the penultimate round four times out of the last five editions. He fell with the greats (in 2018, 2021 and 2022 against Madrid; in 2019 against Barcelona). Something that reversed in Badalona against a Joventut that could not with the curse of the host, since the organizer has not won since 2002, then crowned the Tau in Vitoria.

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    Fed by a devoted and massive fans because of playing at home, Joventut did not lose track of a duel that could have been complicated right off the bat, inspired by Tenerife as it already happened in the quarterfinals from the perimeter; Doornekamp, ​​Fitipaldo, Jaime Fernandez and Salin expressed that if they have one hundredth of a second more to load their arm, the ball makes chof. Carles Duran asked from the bench to lower the heart rate, that this was not a sprint. But Parra, who does not understand gray, asked for the ball and the leadership because he had found the ramp to the basket, a force of nature difficult to stop. Fuel for Joventut, who entered the battle at 6.75, as Guy twice, Ribas, Feliz and Brodziansky also celebrated their triple.

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    Huertas replied with feints and intermediate shots, basket by basket. But Parra gave it so much, effervescent, great, unstoppable, also highlighted from the perimeter and seconded by Vives so that the team added a 9 of 15 in triples (12 of 28 at the end of the match). “MVP, MVP!”, chanted the Olimpic stands. But Tenerife, proud, took refuge in Salin from the outside and with Shermadini on the inside to sign a 0-12 partial, to return to the game and to life. 44-40 at intermission.

    Tenerife returned with much more energy, excellent in the defensive exercise and catapulted into the opposite ring by Jaime Fernandez and by a Huertas who is going through his third or fourth youth, almost in his forties but with a basketball of too many carats. Penya, Penya! the green-and-white fans bellowed. But the triples no longer entered. So the ball went to Parra and Tomic, who were looking for the fouls. Few points and wings for a Lenovo that fought until the end and managed to climb, finally, thanks to that shot from Cook and that stopper from Abromaitis, his Tourmalet.

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    Youth Badalona: Vives (3), Guy (10), Joel Parra (26), Brodziansky (3) and Tomic (5) —starting five—; Kraag (0), Busquets (0), Ribas (9), Ellenson (7), Ventura (0), Feliz (9) and Birgander (0).

    Lenovo Tenerife: Marcelinho Huertas (15), Jaime Fernandez (13), Cook (2), Doornekamp (9) and Shermadini (12) —starting five—; Sergio Rodriguez (0), Fitipaldo (5), Salin (13), Abromaitis (4) and Fran Guerra (0).

    Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Emilio Perez and Benjamin Jimenez. Doornekamp, ​​out.

    Olympic of Badalona. 11,834 viewers.

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