SportsLucas Perez makes a suit for Rubiales

    Lucas Perez makes a suit for Rubiales

    The best headline on the return of Lucas Perez to the Riazor was given to us by Jose Angel Salgado on the microphones of Radio Galega on the same night as the proceedings: “two chorbazos and pal kel”. In classic A Coruno, which is the language of the well-known people of A Coruna, his phrase means something like “two great goals from the kid and for home”, understanding chorbo as a unit of normality that in this case acquires an exceptional character, since it refers to a boy of prey raised in the Barrio de las Flores who returns home triumphant, a bit like the prodigal son of the holy scriptures, but with more goals.

    Despite the recognized efforts of Maria Pita —the one club woman local and heroine in the defense of the city against the Invincible Armada— Deportivo is a club of clear English ancestry, romantic and insane to the point that 23,745 devotees gathered last Sunday to attend the third baptism of Luquinas in the temple by Manuel Murguia. The rigors of the First Federation turned the Unionistas into an occasional godfather, while the horrors of marketing took care of subtracting solemnity from the party: Deportivo took to the field with a recyclable and devoid of the classic white stripes, with a shield so faded that O Neno didn’t know whether to kiss him or ask for a marker to outline the outline. In the end he chose to try the former.

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    The sacrifice -economic and even reputational- of Lucas Perez to return home has the value that each one wants to give him, it would only be missing, but modern football does not have plenty of examples of sentimental roots and stubbornness like the one carried out by the Galician striker. This same week, in Saudi Arabia, four teams from our league are competing in the Spanish Super Cup, a tournament extirpated from our stadiums with a checkbook and in which, whoever plays, Gerard Pique always wins. Up to four million euros will be pocketed by his company for this year’s edition, which is a million and a half more than what Lucas will pay or stop entering to return home and compete in the third category of our football.

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    Where the current owner of the club did not arrive, a bank cleaned up with the money of all the Galicians and almost given away to a Venezuelan investor, the effort of a little chub who scored goals in the First Division and felt as if he were robbing him has arrived. years of life to his real family. If he had proposed it, Lucas’s last goals as a footballer would be worth a potosi in any of the Gulf leagues, although not as much as those of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has just sacrificed his own word for some 200 million dollars. Curiously, money will come from Saudi Arabia that, in the words of Luis Rubiales himself, will help the development of more modest categories of our football, although he does not specify how or in what.

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    Only eight Spanish clubs are capable of congregating as many fans in their stadiums as this tourist-class Deportivo. Some of them, like the four present in Arabia, prefer Saudi affection to the heat of the stands, incapable of imposing the interests of their own fans over those of an RFEF with an NGO facade and a canteen background. “There are three ways to do things,” said Robert de Niro in Casino. “The right one, the wrong one and mine.” Two of them fit like a glove to the example of Lucas Perez who, neither short nor lazy, has decided to make a suit for Rubiales off the field: freak out, chorbo.

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