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    Juan Diego Botto: “This is the biggest capitulation of money to football since Argentina 1978 during the dictatorship”

    The actor and film director, who has just released the film in the margins, about the drama of the evictions, he will not see the World Cup this year despite the fact that he loves football. It is his way of protesting against what he considers a surrender.

    Ask. Your favorite teams this World Cup.

    Response. Spain and Argentina.

    Q. Bring out the coach that we all have inside. Who do you miss?

    R. As I am not going to see this World Cup because it will be held in a country that does not respect human rights, I have not been closely following the selected ones.

    Q. Have you ever asked for an autograph?

    R. One time. To Jose Saramago.

    Q. Who would have liked to have it?

    R. From Maradona.

    Q. Messi or Maradona?

    R. Maradona.

    Q. Three things to know about Qatar.

    R. I know that in that non-democratic country thousands of migrant workers have died working in deplorable conditions in the construction of stadiums. That being LGTBI is punishable by between three years in prison and the death penalty. That women live discriminated against in law and in practice, according to Amnesty International.

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    Q. Last time they scored a goal.

    R. Every time I buy a charger, cable or accessory for my laptop paying a fortune I think: Why do I do this?

    Q. An own goal, something to regret.

    R.. Renew the gym subscription in September. I haven’t been there for a day.

    Q. And a goal in 90. His great stroke of luck.

    R. Leaving a bar on April 14, I met my partner.

    Q. His first game on the field. Where did he go? Who took him or who did he take?

    R. Curiously, it was at the Santiago Bernabeu. Paco Lucio took me, a film director with whom I made a film called Teo the Redhead.

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    Q. What is the best match you have ever seen?

    R. I am a guy of my generation and I remember few emotions more intense than the 12-1 from Spain to Malta. That Spain-Malta is engraved in the childhood memory of an entire generation.

    Q. Have you ever backed out of a football commitment?

    R. I once saw a play delayed because the audience was watching a final of the selection.

    Q. The rarest place or circumstances in which you have consulted the score of a football match.

    R. Between boxes in a play.

    P. Del Bosque-Luis Enrique: 1, x 2?

    R. X

    Q. Any superstition before going out into the field? Rituals for big occasions?

    R.. Before going on stage I accumulate many rituals: from the music I hear to the order in which I step foot on stage.

    Q. It catches him offside…

    R. It catches me out of the game that this World Cup is going to take place. It is possibly the biggest surrender of soccer to money since the 1978 World Cups were held in Argentina during the military dictatorship.

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    Q. I would wave to

    R. Always Johan Cruyff, who did not play in the 78 World Cups in Argentina, in a dictatorship that kidnapped, tortured and murdered political dissidents.

    Q. I ask the referee for the time when

    R. Every time by chance I find myself trapped near cortilandia at Christmas.

    Q. Three moments that you remember from the World Cups.

    R. Iniesta’s goal that gave us the World Cup. Luis Enrique’s broken nose and Maradona’s two goals against England.

    Q. If there was no football…

    R. If there was no football, we would have to invent it.

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