SportsJorge Vilda: "You have to finish all the plays"

    Jorge Vilda: “You have to finish all the plays”

    The football approach of Spain against Costa Rica was most elegant, resorting to the ABCs of the manual against closed defenses, as the team opened its wings and gave depth to the game, centers -70 made- and non-stop shots. It happened that of the 46 only 12 were between the three sticks and only three hit the target. “We have had many chances and converted few, we leave with a bittersweet taste”, reflected the players after the stake, a message traced in all. A small defect that the coach Jorge Vilda has tried to correct in recent days at the Massey University training camp in Palmerston North, the base of the team in New Zealand.

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    Although the rain is as persistent as leaden, there has not been a single day in which they have not practiced finishing exercises. “They have shot non-stop,” they say from the La Roja expedition. “One of the principles is repetition. Winning automatisms, that synchronization and coordination, is not achieved from one day to the next. That is why we have to be as demanding as possible in fine-tuning and adjusting those passes and finishes”, resolved the coach before meeting Zambia this Wednesday (9.30, La2), who fell to Japan in the first match in a resounding manner (0-5). “It’s a result that can be misleading because it’s a team that can beat anyone, as they demonstrated in the World Cup qualifier by beating the all-powerful Germany,” Vilda clarifies.

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    It happens that against the African rival the game plan is not the same as against Costa Rica, when they knew that the ball and the chances would fall on their side, with all boxed in their area. “We have to be very careful with losses because Zambia is very dangerous on the counter with football in space and one on one. The slightest mistake can penalize us ”, he explained, didactic as it was also in the training field, since they practiced the set pieces taking into account the withdrawal in case the play was not finished. “The pressure after loss is decisive, being able to cut those starts of the game. A simple clearance can leave a player in front of the goalkeeper”, remarked the coach; “That’s why you have to finish all the plays that you can.” Whether from inside the area or from outside, Spain’s only drawback against Costa Rica.

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    “We lacked a bit of the medium or long-distance shot resource because they were very locked up at the back,” said Ivana. “Any midfielder on the team has an incredible shot, also the forwards,” added Athenea. “But it’s obvious that we have to improve on that,” Vilda conceded. The occasion, against Zambia.

    Source: EL PAIS

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