SportsGudaf Tsegay sets new women’s 5000m world record at Eugene diamond league

    Gudaf Tsegay sets new women’s 5000m world record at Eugene diamond league

    In a stunning display of athletic prowess, Ethiopian runner Gudaf Tsegay has etched her name into the annals of track and field history by setting a new women’s 5000m world record at the prestigious Prefontaine Classic.

    Gudaf’s remarkable performance electrified the crowd as she crossed the finish line in a blistering time of 14:00.21, snatching the record from Faith Kipyegon of Kenya.

    The Diamond League final held in Eugene on Sunday witnessed Tsegay’s extraordinary feat, as she shattered Kipyegon’s previous record of 14:05.20, which was set merely a few months earlier on June 9.

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    Gudaf’s astonishing achievement saw her better the record by an astounding 5 seconds, solidifying her reputation as one of the world’s most exceptional long-distance runners.

    It was an unforgettable moment as Gudaf surged ahead of her competitors, exhibiting incredible speed, endurance, and determination throughout the race.

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    Just weeks prior, Gudaf had set a personal best at the London 2023 Diamond League, besting her own time by an astonishing 12 seconds.

    Source: The Reporter

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