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    Montse Tome
    The women’s coach, Montse Tome, and the players who have gone to the Hotel La Alameda head to the bus to head to Valencia.Rodrigo Jimenez (EFE)

    It is well known that the RFEF is committed to confirming again and again the validity of Murphy’s law. But these days, against all odds, he is redoubling his efforts to also verify the validity of “The Fundamental Laws of Human Stupidity” masterfully enunciated by Professor Carlo Maria Cipolla.

    The call made this Monday without having reached an agreement with the footballers is a clear example of this unreason that invades the RFEF. A call without prior agreement and based on a threat. Quite the opposite of the purpose that the RFEF and the coaching staff should pursue to make it easier for the footballers to concentrate on preparing for the matches, as they ardently demanded for their teammates on the men’s team. But the RFEF remains determined to ignore the power and worth of these players and all the athletes they represent with their dignified and tireless fight. Hence, only human stupidity can explain why the RFEF continues to insist on enforcing an ultimatum that can only accelerate the decomposition of this institution in a terminal phase.

    The ordeal that female soccer players have faced after winning the World Cup has revealed many things, all of them important for an egalitarian, democratic and transparent governance of sport. Especially women’s sports. But above all, it has exposed the botched management of the governing bodies of the most important sports federation in the State. It is true that only conceit or stupidity can explain Mr. Rubiales’ behavior, but what can we say about the rest of the General Assembly? Why didn’t all those people present get up and leave, leaving Mr. Rubiales to enjoy his delirious soliloquy instead of applauding him as genuine representatives of the uncritical claque? How is it possible that the current coach and coach now claim that they have been paralyzed during Rubiales’ speech? Aren’t both people prepared to act rationally in situations of great environmental pressure?

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    The demands of the soccer World Cup champions and worthy representatives of professional integrity today have a clear added value over other demands of sports professionals. In this case, the demands are not only justified by the criteria of good governance of the sport, but also reveal the lack of compliance by the RFEF bodies with the regulatory codes approved within them. But also the slightest sensitivity to a situation of inequality in which they have raised their voices time and again to shout from the rooftops the justice of their claims. And precisely this cry has left the code of good government in the air to all those who have applauded or supported or not denounced the management of Rubiales and his team during all these years.

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    Only human stupidity can explain, in short, that the RFEF continues to pressure the players of the Spanish soccer team, while at the same time ignoring the condition that they have expressed actively and passively to continue with the negotiation, namely, the need for a complete regeneration of the current federative and sports structure. The RFEF continues to demand names and facts to study the situation.

    That is to say, it continues to ignore that a long time ago they have already pointed the accusing finger at the Secretary General and the head of the Integrity Area of ​​the RFEF. The first, due to the despotic treatment and lack of empathy with the footballers’ complaints. The second, due to the disastrous management of the events that occurred during the celebration of the World Cup victory and the lack of professionalism in putting pressure on the players to corroborate Rubiales’ version, which the RFEF itself initially endorsed. moment. In sports, the players have shown their discomfort with the current coach and her surroundings. Even those who attended the call have expressed it. However, the RFEF continues to persist in issuing vague statements and sterile threats instead of opening a constructive dialogue with the players. Is the power of these people so much that they hold the RFEF and its acting president hostage? Is it so difficult to realize the importance of their requests and the reason that moves the legitimate members of the women’s soccer team?

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    It seems that for the RFEF yes. But the players are clear about their demands and they go for it. They will not settle for more botch work. The umpteenth threat has undoubtedly been the penultimate mistake. The RFEF itself knows that it is not in a position to morally or sportingly oppose the demands of the footballers. Hence, the current situation is nothing more than the prolongation of the agony in which the RFEF is languishing. Something incomprehensible or only explainable if we stick to Professor Cipolla’s third law, according to which human stupidity is capable of causing harm to other people without obtaining any benefit in return or even at the cost of suffering one’s own harm. Once again and there are many, the RFEF has been left offside. Let’s see if he has the ability to react in extra time.

    Alberto Carrio is a professor of philosophy of law at the Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona (UPF)

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