SportsG2, one of the most important eSports teams, sanctions its founder for...

    G2, one of the most important eSports teams, sanctions its founder for recording himself with a recognized sexist

    G2, one of the most important eSports teams, sanctions its founder for recording himself with a recognized sexist

    Virtual sports are not exempt from the controversies that usually abound in traditional sports. Carlos Rodriguez, known in the networks as Ocelote, has been sanctioned by the team of eSports which he himself founded. G2 announced yesterday an agreement with his leader, to separate him from the organization for two months, in which he will be suspended from salary. The reason for his punishment is a video that he himself published, in which he appeared at a party with Andrew Tate, an openly macho American influencer.

    Since Ocelote founded G2 in 2014, when he was only 24 years old, the team has become one of the most important on the world stage. Based in Berlin, they participate in video game competitions such as League Of Legends, Fortnite, Valorant or Rocket League, among others. In 2022, they have won the League Of Legends spring championship and were one step away from winning the summer championship, where they lost in the final. They have players of 13 different nationalities and they have accumulated, only in this popular computer game, 590,000 euros in prizes since they began to compete in 2015. This figure is higher than that of the rest of the Spanish teams, such as Giants, Lions or Movistar Riders.

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    Given the stir generated by the video of Tate and Orcelote on social networks, the first reaction of the leader of G2 was to post a tweet where he assured the following: “No one is going to monitor my friends. Here is my limit. I’m going to party with whoever I want.” However, his words after knowing the sanction were very different. “I feel terrible for the controversy generated and for having failed the fans. G2 will always be above me. I will do whatever it takes to protect the company,” he replied in a new Twitter message.

    Andrew Tate, the person who has indirectly caused the controversy in G2, is a former contact sports fighter converted to influencer. He is a very hated figure on social networks for his sexist comments, some of great caliber, such as when he pointed out that “the victim of a rape is also responsible for it.” Her misogynistic stances even caused Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok to block her profile this year.

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    Despite official apologies, the founder of the video game team has continued to like tweets in support of Tate and messages where some users told him not to apologize. Ocelote’s friendship with the North American has made a bad impression among some video game fans, who even talk about the fact that it should be canceled due to its bad company.

    The great repercussion that a simple video has had shows that the video game sector is giving more and more to talk about and that people who dedicate themselves professionally to it are judged for their actions as public figures. In fact, large companies such as Adidas, Red Bull and BMW sponsor G2 and demand the same behavior from the virtual club and its members as from a regular sports team.

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