SportsCarlos Sainz is angry with Ferrari

    Carlos Sainz is angry with Ferrari

    Verstappen, ahead of Leclerc and Sainz in the Austrian Formula 1 GP.
    Verstappen, ahead of Leclerc and Sainz in the Austrian Formula 1 GP.Associated Press/LaPresse

    Ferrari has returned in all the dimension of the word. For the good, and also for the bad. The evident step forward taken by the red car was fully demonstrated in Austria, where the controversial method used in its decision-making also emerged. The second position of Charles Leclerc is the best result of the course for the Maranello troops, who seem to have found the key to ensure that the SF-23 does not eat up the tires, which puts the Italian team back on the table in terms of performance. probably in second place, still light years behind Red Bull. Good news that Carlos Sainz could not celebrate as expected, if we take into account that in Spielberg he recovered the best version of him and that, due to the mismanagement of the strategy that was made from the wall, prevented him from adding his first podium of the season.

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    Placed third, close to Leclerc, the man from Madrid asked permission to overtake his neighbor and try to prevent Verstappen’s escape. Things went even darker for the Spaniard after the bad stop he made in the garages, in which he lost two seconds, which was added to the five he lost for exceeding the established track limits.

    “I’m not very happy. He had the pace to finish past fourth – the position in which he passed the finish line, although he would finish sixth due to a penalty. We will have to analyze what could have been done differently, especially after playing as a team and being committed to the first change of wheels”, summarized Sainz, who, despite the bitterness, maintains fifth place in the general table, with an advantage of 14 points, precisely over Leclerc, who gained a position. “When you see yourself with so much rhythm and you end up like this, well, I don’t want to say that you’re left with a stupid face, but with a very bitter feeling,” stressed the son of the Bullfighter.

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    “Before the race we decided not to attack each other. We would not have given the same if it was Carlos who rolled in front. I think the strategy was correct”, disagreed, for his part, Fred Vasseur, the director of The Prancing Horse.

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