SportsAtletico de Madrid condemns two days later the racist chants against Vinicius

    Atletico de Madrid condemns two days later the racist chants against Vinicius

    Atletico de Madrid condemns two days later the racist chants against Vinicius

    Atletico de Madrid has condemned this Tuesday the racist chants that a group of mattress fans dedicated to Vinicius last Sunday. The rojiblanco club, through an official statement, has branded as inadmissible “the behavior of a minority of fans”. After all the commotion generated around the matter, the entity has responded officially: “These songs cause us enormous revulsion and we are not going to allow any individual to hide behind our colors to utter racist or xenophobic insults.”

    EL PAIS spoke yesterday with sources from the club, who assured that they strongly condemn any type of attitude of a racist nature. “We have contacted the authorities to request that those who participated in this execrable act be identified,” they pointed out from Atletico. However, the entity has not made a public statement until this Tuesday.

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    “Racism is one of the biggest scourges in our society and unfortunately the world of football and the clubs are not free from its presence. Our club has always been characterized by being an open and inclusive space for fans of different nationalities, cultures, races and social classes and a few cannot tarnish the image of thousands and thousands of athletes who support their team with passion and with respect for the rival”, reads the statement.

    Last week, the commotion generated around Vinicius for his dances ended with a tweet from the Brazilian, who said he was a victim of racism and that this wave of hatred was due to the fact that he was “a black Brazilian who triumphs in Europe.” This did not stop the insults in the derby and Vinicius danced again to celebrate the first white goal, the work of Rodrygo.

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    Atletico de Madrid closes the statement with an outward reflection: “We believe that what has happened in the days leading up to the derby is inadmissible. Fans are asked for sanity and rationality and, however, professionals from different fields generated an artificial campaign during the week, lighting the fuse of controversy without measuring the impact of their actions and demonstrations.

    “The pain that the rojiblanca family feels for this event is enormous. We cannot allow someone to associate our fans with this type of behavior and question our values ​​because of a minority that does not represent us. Our decision is firm and resounding and we will not stop until we expel the racists from the rojiblanca family because they cannot be part of it”, the entity concluded.

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    Source: EL PAIS

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