SportsAlcaraz pulls inertia on a sunny day, but without shine

    Alcaraz pulls inertia on a sunny day, but without shine

    The sun, the one that has been asked for so much, finally shines brightly in London, as if someone had warned it that it is already summer and that, even in small doses, it is necessary at this time of the year to raise the mood of the pale English. Thus, they and Wimbledon look double. The fan enjoys strawberries and Pimm’s on the hill of Aorangi Park, a bucolic picture, and at the center everything is ready to receive the current number one. It had been a year since Carlos Alcaraz had not paraded through the thick carpet of the Cathedral and the Murcian, a grateful guy, already in the third round after beating the Frenchman Alexander Muller 6-4, 7-6(2) and 6-3, also enjoy the lightning and the splendid day that, finally, the weather provides.

    Gone are the upheavals of the previous days, the waiting under cover and the uncertainty. The tournament, in full swing. He jumps to the green Alcaraz –quoted this Saturday with Nicolas Jarry or Jason Kubler– and in front he finds himself with a responsive rival, who does not pose crossroads but does a hard-fought duel, of those who demand to chew each bite well and ruminate it, not to lose at any time the tone because if it happens you can suddenly find yourself in trouble. And no, he doesn’t care. Of course not. Wimbledon and the first week: there are many victims, the firecrackers. Forbidden to let your guard down. Even Nadal himself can be asked about it. So he applies himself, he doesn’t step on it fully but he doesn’t neglect it either. Good work, profession, inertia. Enough.

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    Muller does not have big blows, but he does not give in either and he keeps up the type until an oversight costs him the break from the first sleeve. In the same way, the Frenchman (26 years old and 84th in the world) did not give up in the second set, but Alcaraz already exerts himself as a veteran and does not open the door once. He doesn’t offer a single loophole. Every time the adversary threatens, there the Spaniard gets up to give him the slap. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. There are six (out of six) the break points that he cancels, for the 14 that he seeks, of which he validates two. The double bite is enough for him to continue progressing and neatly close the duel that immediately precedes the third round. Without fanfare, but with hierarchy, which for a reason is today the 1.

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    In 2h 33m, Alcaraz complies with the first half of the plan. Select, no more is needed. part of learning He does it by reserving himself, with that self-sufficiency of great players, generally adopted when there is already a considerable journey behind him. It is not his case. He is 20 years old, but he develops with the instinct of those who are several years ahead, in another sphere. Despite the fact that the statistical sheet reflects 41 unforced errors, a blur in that section, his control of the situation prevails.

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    “I am very happy to have won here, after losing last year”, he values, remembering the defeat against Jannik Sinner in the round of 16 last year. “I’m playing very well on grass, at a high level, enjoying it,” he adds in a rush, in the same way he currently competes. He wins almost by decree. He already has seven victories on the surface this year – five wins have led him to the Queen’s title – and he celebrates this last one sparingly, knowing that tomorrow he will be back in action to continue advancing. This is how this Alcaraz of today is, with each passing day more tennis player, more accomplished, better competitor. Because, even in neutral interventions like this one, you also have to know how to win.

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