SportsA title fallen from heaven

    A title fallen from heaven

    There are titles that fell from heaven, few as grateful for Barca as the Super Cup won against Madrid, practically two years after the last one, the Copa del Rey on April 17, 2021. The moment and the rival, as well as the setting — painted above all in white— justify more than the entity of the trophy the blaugrana euphoria experienced in Riyadh. Barcelona needed to be champion, champion of whatever, to hide the economic, patrimonial and sports gap recently opened by Madrid, even though both teams go hand in hand in the Super League.

    Although the finals are supposed to be non-negotiable for Madrid, Barca showed more interest, played better and was a recognizable football team after a period of confusion due to its irregularity, capable of alternating good moments with moments of confusion, without knowing if It was convenient for him to attack or defend, too hesitant even against inferior opponents as seen in the Cup and the League. Until he came across Madrid and made a virtue of necessity in Saudi Arabia.

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    Barcelona played in a concentrated manner and was very serious after Xavi succeeded with a match plan apparently similar to Ancelotti’s due to the presence of four midfielders: 4-4-2. The difference is that Madrid had Camavinga left over and Barcelona excelled with Gavi. The Andalusian midfielder embodies the ambition and competitiveness required to win finals such as the Super Cup against Madrid. From the false left winger position, Gavi marked the differences in the face of Carvajal’s despair while Araujo held Vinicius.

    Gavi scored 0-1, assisted Lewandowski at 0-2 and crossed for Pedri at 3-0. The azulgranas did not settle for once but sought the win after the 3-1 league draw at the Bernabeu. Gavi, Pedri, Balde and Araujo, young people are the lever on which Barcelona relies to reverse a bankruptcy situation after the ravages of the pandemic and the mismanagement of Bartomeu’s board. Nothing better than a Cup to combat the noise that Barcagate generates in the courts, the Espai Barca in the financial media and the Shakira-Pique pulse in the media.

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    Pedri and De Jong turned very well around Busquets, decisive in recovering the ball in the first two goals, and Gavi came down to sign the victory against an astonished Madrid, reduced by a more organized defense than ever and by the sober Ter Stegen. The best Barca stories have always been carried out by their midfielders, the bearers of the style, most of whom were educated at the La Masia school. The rondo was not lacking to seal the success of Barca against Madrid that left the goal of honor, the work of Benzema.

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    Hunger overpowered opulence in Riyadh. He had Barca’s desire, played with tension and aggressiveness and pressured non-stop to reach the Super Cup. The Catalans aspire to the title being a turning point, stabilizing the team and endorsing Xavi’s project. The Catalans today feel closer to the League and Champions League champions after an authoritative triumph that allowed Busquets to lift his first trophy as Barca captain. A moment of greater enthusiasm in Barcelona has not been remembered for a long time, no matter how minor the Super Cup is.

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