Sports7-0 spawn monsters

    7-0 spawn monsters

    7-0 spawn monsters

    When Japan goes back to Spain and Costa Rica to Germany in ten minutes, soccer shows its true power, the most devastating in the world, something that can hide the place where it is played for 90 minutes, the deprivation of rights, the torture and the deaths, anything that is proposed; when Japan overtakes Spain and Costa Rica over Germany, and for a few minutes in that group Japan and Costa Rica qualify, soccer is the Loch Ness monster exhibiting its fascination and madness, the reason why this unpredictable sport in The fact that such things can happen has hypnotized, full of hope, millions of fans of humble teams all over the planet: because tomorrow it could be them, if not today. And that’s what there is, and there’s more, much more, but for 90 minutes the only thing that matters is that anything can happen. Get the Gordo after finding a number.

    Spain ended up kneeling in front of Germany, begging for mercy and goals to overcome their failure against Japan, the best team in the group, a gang of players quick as wasps and uncontrolled efficiency that burned Spain, lazy Spain, sleepy Spain, to the very self-confident Spain, in the second part. The 7-0 of the opening matches engender these monsters. These are results that turn against one, leaving the teams in a happy heroin stupor: we have found the last drug, the one that will lead us to happiness. When everyone knows that the last thing this drug leads to is to park cars, which is what Spain did in the last few minutes in the area unable to meet its commitments, devoured by its expectations, cannibalized by Japan, which dedicated itself to cutting down the wood where the tree fell best: playing with the Spanish confusion, with Morata’s goal, with the vibrant competitiveness against Germany, with the excessive beating of Costa Rica. Japan was the spinning wheel that perhaps awakens the sleeper; Japan almost destroyed Spain and now, in compensation for the scare, has told her that in a World Cup the one who best shows her powers does not win, but the one who makes the best decisions.

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    For all this to happen, the game began as a Party Night: a great goal from Morata when the sun came up. Why? oh! One of the most dazzling mysteries in football is why the best finisher on the field, the guy on whom all eyes are on the defense, always finds five seconds, the five most important, to stay alone in the area when more players Opposites surround him. The question was answered by the best striker in history, Ronaldo Nazario, to EL PAIS: How can the guy on whom there are three defenses, all the cameras, and millions of spectators, stay alone when he is closest to the goal? What’s the point of that? Isn’t that, and not the ability with the ball or the efficiency in the auction, nor the corpulence or agility, the greatest virtue of a 9? Ronaldo basically said that loneliness is about training it. “And you know, because you have trained him a lot, how your partner is going to give it to you and what feint you have to do to get rid of the defender. Gain space and have a second to finish off. The timing it has to be perfect and that timing usually trains.”

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    A second to finish off, sometimes not even that. Morata had it at the beginning of the game where he best finds the ball, in the air, far from the ground. A cross from Azpilicueta and Morata, with eight opponents inside the area, finished off alone and rested, almost with reluctance. Spain against Japan, 1-0 at the start of the game, time to make our national identity clear: take a nap. Japan, who had beaten Germany in the first game, waited for the third snort of the young Spanish Godzilla to start slapping his face and everyone else’s, the slapping blows from which a sunken and sad Germany pulled us out. World Menu.

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    Source: EL PAIS

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