Sports64 ultras arrested in a macro operation against radical groups in football

    64 ultras arrested in a macro operation against radical groups in football

    Agents of the National Police have arrested 64 ultras in a macro-operation against radical groups in soccer. The arrests, which have been carried out in the provinces of Burgos, Logrono, Pamplona, ​​Zaragoza, Malaga and Madrid, are due to various incidents at sporting events and these people are charged with crimes of riot and public disorder.

    The events occurred last Sunday, November 27, in Burgos on the occasion of the Second Division soccer match between the local team and Real Zaragoza. Hours before the start of the match, a great brawl broke out in the vicinity of the El Plantio stadium in which more than fifty members of the ultra groups Resaca Castellana and Ligallo confronted each other. According to the police statement, dangerous means were used in the fight, which threatened the social order and endangered the lives and integrity of the people.

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    The violent confrontation would have been previously planned and other ultra groups also participated in it, such as Viejo Fondo, from Logrones, the Bokeron Front, from Malaga and Indar Gorri, from Osasuna. The police investigation determines that the two main ultra groups in the confrontation, Ligallo and Resaca Castellana, would have staged other altercations in recent years.

    These gatherings between fans to confront each other violently are called drakas and they often respond to alliances or enmities that exist between violent groups.

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