ScienceScience: CNRS launches a research program on the origins of life

    Science: CNRS launches a research program on the origins of life

    Exoplanets, internal dynamics of the Earth, transition between organic chemistry and living things… The CNRS wishes to develop technologies that will be used for research on the origins of life.

    Scientists are getting back to the source of everything. The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) will pilot a research program, “Origins”, financed to the tune of 45.5 million euros over seven years, to develop the technologies and instruments which will be used for research on origins. of life, according to a press release published this Monday.

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    The priority research program and equipment (PEPR), which is part of the France 2030 plan, must help answer questions about the emergence of life on Earth and the possibility that it exists elsewhere in the Universe.

    “Having multiple impacts on our daily lives”

    The expected innovations must remove “technological obstacles” in order to enable the study of exoplanets as well as the analysis of samples of bodies from the solar system or the study of the internal dynamics of the Earth. But also the transition between organic chemistry and living organisms, the development of computing for digital simulations and even robotics.

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    The program relies on a transfer of these innovations to industrial partnerships, the creation of start-ups and the training of scientists and engineers.

    According to the CNRS, the work carried out as part of this program, calling on expertise in physics, chemistry, electronics and mathematics, “could one day have multiple impacts on our daily lives”.

    The CNRS will solicit researchers from eight of the ten scientific fields it covers, as well as those from 33 national establishments.

    Source: BFM TV

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