PoliticsYep endorses its commitment to the right to abortion with new notification...

    Yep endorses its commitment to the right to abortion with new notification after Roe vs. Wade

    The Yep application presented this Tuesday a new notification to your users for Crisis Pregnancy Centers that clearly distinguishes them from clinics that provide abortion services.

    Following the decision of the Supreme Court of annul Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the ability to access safe abortion care has become more limited for millions of women in the US, making access to information about companies that offer reproductive health services more important than ever, Yep says in a statement.

    It also indicates that providing consumers reliable and useful information to help inform your decisions is crucial to your mission; this includes access to reliable information on reproductive health services.

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    Yep notes that, in recent months, as the fate of abortion rights hung in the balance, they increased their efforts to protect and provide reproductive health information to their users, with abortion services that actually offer abortion services and making them less likely to see crisis pregnancy centers that don’t offer them.

    With their new notice on the business pages for Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Faith-Based Crisis Pregnancy Centers they will inform consumers that businesses in those categories generally provide limited medical services and they may not have a license or medical professionals on site.

    Yep remember that it is known that crisis pregnancy centers do not offer abortion servicesand many have been shown to provide misleading information in an attempt to steer people seeking abortion services to other options.

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    “With this new consumer advisory, our goal is to further protect consumers of the possibility of being deceived or confused.” add the app. Yep adds that since 2018 its moderators have manually evaluated tens of thousands of business listings and recategorized businesses that do not offer real abortion services as Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Faith-Based Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

    yep ensures that they continue to regularly audit and investigate these businesses and that in 2022 alone, they proactively evaluated nearly 33,500 US business pages and recategorized nearly 470 business pages as Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Faith-Based Crisis Pregnancy Centers. And he says they will continue to do so.

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    Finally, he points out that with these actions they endorse their commitment to maintain the trust and safety of its usersand the quality and integrity of the information they provide.

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