PoliticsWhy they accuse Hillary Clinton of "stealing" $200,000 from the White House

    Why they accuse Hillary Clinton of “stealing” $200,000 from the White House

    Why they accuse Hillary Clinton of "stealing" $200,000 from the White House

    In the midst of the investigations against the former president donald trump for having taken dozens of classified documents from the White House, a claim on social networks has turned against former first lady Hillary Clinton, who is accused of taking $200,000 in gifts from the White House.

    “The Clintons were forced to return some $200,000 worth of furniture, china, and art that they ‘stole’ from the White House,” the social media claim states.

    Well then that claim is FALSE. This is explained by a verification of information from the Snopes site, which recounts what happened to those gifts and why the former presidential candidate and husband, the former president bill clintonthey were able to take several products.

    “In January 2001, Former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady Hillary Clinton revealed they received $190,027 in gifts in 2000the last year of his eight-year term, ”says the report quoting The Washington Post.

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    However, many of the gifts were from Hollywood figures, Democratic donors, and a wide range of friends and acquaintances. The gifts, it is added, were given following federal gift limit rules that a representative or his wife can receive.

    The majority of gifts are indicated to be works of art, cutlery, furniture, porcelain and rugs.

    There was nothing illegal about the Clintons keeping personal gifts that they had been given in the White House”, it is indicated, but the suspicions occurred after the Clintons themselves indicated that they would pay for some of those gifts.

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    Following a complaint from donors that the gifts were for the White House, the Clintons returned $28,000 in gifts.

    “The total value of the gifts returned by the Clintons to the US Government amounted to almost $50,000”, indicates the report citing The New York Times. That is, not the $200,000 claimed by the prosecution on social media.

    “The rules governing the acceptance of gifts by the President and other federal employees divide such items into two categories: those received from foreign officials or governments (foreign official gifts) and those received from the American public (domestic gifts).” remember.

    “The president can keep foreign official gifts if their value is below a certain threshold; the gifts over the threshold value belong to the people of the United States and must be purchased at a fair market price“, is added in the report.

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    Specifically, the Clintons had the right to pay for gifts that fell into the relevant category, but the total amount was much lower than claimed on Twitter and other social media.

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