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    Who is the final witness in the case against Trump that could seal the indictment against him?

    Attorney Robert Costello is the last witness to testify before a grand jury, before an indictment against former President Donald Trump for campaign finance irregularities can be released.

    The former president even celebrated that Costello was the next witness, since he represented Michael Cohen, who was Trump’s personal lawyer.

    Cohen is a key element of the District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan in the investigation against the Republican for the $130,000 given to Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about the relationship with Trump.

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    “They have just reported that the most important witness to appear before the New York City grand jury, a highly respected attorney who once represented a convicted felon, inmate, and serial liar, Michael Cohen, will appear tomorrow morning. afternoon,” Trump revealed on his Truth Social account.

    About the “liar” lawyer, Trump refers to Cohen.

    “The information you will present [Costello] will be supposedly conclusive and irrefutable! Witch hunt!” Trump charged.

    Cohen had said he did not know who the final witness was, but confirmed on MSNBC that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office had subpoenaed him to offer rebuttal arguments.

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    “They asked me to be available and to be at the prosecutor’s office tomorrow [este lunes] as a challenging witness,” Cohen said. I don’t know who the person is [el otro testigo]. Obviously, once I find out who the person is, I’ll know what the problem is, because I was personally involved.”

    Costello and Cohen have had various problems and, according to The Associated Press, they have information that contradicts the former president’s statements and that could exonerate Trump.

    The former president said on Saturday that the accusation against him would lead to an arrest warrant on Tuesday, for which he called on his supporters to protest, which has sparked concerns from the NYPD and the FBI.

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    Source: La Opinion

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