PoliticsWho are the eight candidates who will participate in the presidential primary...

    Who are the eight candidates who will participate in the presidential primary debate where Trump will be absent?

    This Wednesday night Milwaukee will become the epicenter of the Republican Party due to the debate where eight candidates for the candidacy in the primaries will exchange concepts of the country they intend to govern, but the most relevant thing will be the absence of Donald Trump.

    The 77-year-old New Yorker announced that he will not attend the debate organized by the Republican National Committee (RNC)since it boasts of continuing to lead in most of the polls that measure the intention to vote for Republicans.

    In order to participate in the discussion, the RNC established as a requirement that participants have gathered 40,000 individual donors and register at least 1% support from people of voting age This is reflected in the results of three national surveys or two national surveys and a couple of anticipated state surveys that met the RNC criteria.

    In all cases, Donald Trump complied with the demand.oh, although it is said that Ronna McDaniel herself, president of the RNC, went to the home of the New York tycoon, this He refused to participate because this week he could attend a court in Georgia to accept his guilt on the 13 charges against him for allegedly trying to intervene in the results of the 2020 presidential elections held in said entity.

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    Without Trump on stage, eight of his rivals in the political arena are expected to come out to offer their proposed improvements. to try to convince citizens through television, although there is also the possibility of watching an interview that the former president gave to presenter Tucker Carlson, which will presumably be broadcast at the same time as the Republican debate.

    In this way, the confirmed candidates to take the stage to discuss their policy concepts are Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina; Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida; Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey; Mike Pence, former vice president; Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina; Doug Burgum, Governor of North Dakota; Arkansas Asa Hutchinson, former Governor of Arkansas; and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

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    The former United States ambassador to the United Nations and only woman in the group, recently stated that most of the challengers are more focused on reducing the support of their rivals than in directly confronting Donald Trump.

    The 44-year-old politician It arrives with its very beaten popularity numbers during the past week, as some polls saw him tied and even surpassed by Vivek Ramaswamy and even in New Hampshire by Chris Christie.

    Former Governor of New Jersey He is the only one who publicly challenged Donald Trump to debate and even called him a “coward.” Perhaps his courage lies in the fact that his campaign is having a good time, at least in New Hampshire.

    the former vice president He is one of the candidates who shun Donald Trump and in his particular case so as not to be involved in the attack that the Capitol suffered in 2021. However, his campaign fails to take off.

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    South Carolina Senator he trusts that his approaches, but above all the enormous amount of money invested in the purchase of publicity can make him improve the position in which he finds himself with respect to his Republican adversaries.

    The Governor of North Dakota who recruited donors by offering $20 gift cards in exchange for $1 donations He admits to being the least known applicant so far. However, he hopes that his fate will change after appearing in the debate.

    For the former Governor of Arkansas assures that giving Donald Trump the opportunity to rule the nation again would be a huge risk for the nation. For this reason, he is convinced that it is necessary to block the path of his party co-religionist.

    Being the youngest applicantproposes leading the nation with a business vision and it seems that his proposal has managed to awaken young voters and postgraduates as reflected in the polls, where, apparently, it has already reached Ron DeSantis.

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