Politics'White Supremacist' Sentenced to Prison for Jan. 6 Capitol Attacks

    ‘White Supremacist’ Sentenced to Prison for Jan. 6 Capitol Attacks

    'White Supremacist' Sentenced to Prison for Jan. 6 Capitol Attacks

    A man who was part of the US Navy reserves and confirmed to be a “white supremacist” was sentenced to four years in prison for his violent actions during the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    The accused by name, Timothy Louis Hale-Cusanelli sentenced for felony obstruction of an official procedure and four misdemeanors related, confirmed through a statement from the Department of Justice.

    According to the details of the lawsuit against Cusanelli, they detail that heMisdemeanors were for entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct or disorderly conduct in the building, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and parades, demonstrations, or picketing in a Capitol building.

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    Court documents also revealed that Hale-Cusanelli was a Navy contractor and worked at a Naval weapons station. He is declared a “white supremacist” and “Nazi sympathizer”, which he showed with pride when trying to physically resemble Adolf Hitler.

    The Justice Department statement published by The Hill newspaper states that Hale-Cusanelli arrived in Washington, DC, on January 6 and joined a group of rioters who broke through a police line who was trying to secure the Capitol.

    Cusanelli told rioters to “move on” to the Capitol and continued to order him after they entered the building where he remained for 40 minutes. ANDThe man insulted the Capitol Police officers with derogatory wordsand warned that a “revolution” was coming, according to the statement.

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    Hale-Cusanelli was arrested nine days after the riot and found guilty on May 27 of that year. The court determined that will be placed on three years of supervised release after his prison sentence is completed and must also pay a fine of $2,000.

    He is not the first agitator to be charged and sentenced, as a federal judge handed down in early September, the longest sentence to date in a trial stemming from the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, ordering the former New York, Thomas Webster to serve 10 years in prison.

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    Another ex-cop, but from Virigina, Thomas Robertson, 49, was found guilty for obstructing an official proceeding, civil disobedience, trespassing a restricted area and tampering with evidence, after several people, including other police officers, testified against him.

    Five years and three months gave him prison to Robert Palmer, a Florida man who pleaded guilty to attacking police officers on Capitol Hill. Riley June Williams, has been under house arrest since January 21, 2021 for stealing Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer during the riots.

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