PoliticsVladimir Putin accuses the US of provoking tensions in Asia after Pelosi's...

    Vladimir Putin accuses the US of provoking tensions in Asia after Pelosi’s “irresponsible” visit to Taiwan

    Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that The United States wants to upset the world by causing tensions to grow with the “irresponsible” visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, as it interferes in internal affairs that could cause problems as serious as a coup.

    During a military forum held in Moscow where Putin was present, he stated that with his actions, Washington seeks to disrupt and cause chaos in Asiaespecially after the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives to Taiwan, which has brought serious conflicts to the region.

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    “The United States once again deliberately tried to add fuel to the fire and stir up the situation in the Asia-Pacific region. The American adventure against Taiwan is not just the individual journey of an irresponsible politicianbut part of a conscious and determined movement of the United States”, were the forceful words of the Russian president.

    Putin went on to say that he is grossly interfering in internal affairs that could lead to problems as serious as a “coup.”

    The United States grossly interfered in the internal affairs of sovereign states, because they organize provocations, coups, civil wars,” he commented.

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    And he also added: “They try to force the independent States to obey their will, to live according to rules that are alien to them, through threats, blackmail and pressure”he expressed during his speech at the forum, was published by the Kommersant newspaper.

    The Russian president also referred to the role of NATO with the incorporation of Sweden and Finland, which he considers is not to strengthen Europe.

    “It is hypocritically declared that the expansion of the Atlantic Alliance is a necessity to strengthen security in Europe, but actually the opposite is happening”said the president.

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