PoliticsVivek Ramaswamy once again came to the defense of Donald Trump

    Vivek Ramaswamy once again came to the defense of Donald Trump

    Vivek Ramaswamy candidate for the Republican candidacy in the face of next year’s presidential elections, He pointed out that despite there being different trials regarding the crimes that Donald Trump is accused of, this should not be a reason to prosecute him.

    During an intervention carried out for This Weektelevision network segment ABCthe 38-year-old businessman He described the former president’s conduct only as bad behavior that demands to be corrected.

    I make a distinction between bad behavior and illegal behavior, between bad judgment and a crime. “Once we start combining those two things, I think we are in a long decline as a country,” he said.

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    Furthermore, Ramaswamy He reiterated his commitment to pardon Trump, if he wins the presidency of the nation.

    “I hope to be the next candidate, and that’s why I’m running for president, but also I intend to keep the promise I made.

    It would be easier for me if Donald Trump was eliminated from the race. That is why it is particularly important for me to say clearly that, In principle, I’m still against removing it that way. And that is why I have talked so much about this,” he expressed.

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    The Cincinnati hopeful too He is aware of his current position among Republicans, with the risk that someone else will end up being chosen to represent the party.

    “I am in this race because I believe I can lead us forward and unite this country, But if I am not a candidate, I still hope that Donald Trump or whoever the Republican candidate is is better than the alternative,” he emphasized.

    Finally, Vivek Ramaswamy made it clear that no matter who turns out to be the standard bearer of the Republican party, whoever is running is better than the current president and vice president of the nation.

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    Although I disagree with many of my rivals in the Republican Party on many issues, I believe either of them will be better than Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in moving this nation forward.“, he concluded.

    For the moment, the millionaire Ramaswamy ranks third in Republican supportthis is in accordance with the majority of the survey results.

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