PoliticsTrump's special counsel takes charge of Mar-a-Lago and Capitol riots from Europe

    Trump’s special counsel takes charge of Mar-a-Lago and Capitol riots from Europe

    Donald Trump’s special counsel, Jack Smith, continues to work remotely from Europe as he assembles a team, finds office space, and takes charge of two high-stakes investigations into the former president. Cases that according to different officials will not be delayed after the appointment.

    Smith, who was chosen Friday to assume control of Justice Department investigations about the role of Donald Trump in the efforts to ignore the results of the 2020 elections, as well as an investigation into the discovery of several documents classified as highly private in the Mar-a-Lago mansion of the also businessman, he injured his leg during a bicycle accident and is recovering from the surgery he underwent.

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    According to Attorney General Merrick Garland, it was in the public interest to put a special counsel in charge of the two cases that fall on the shoulders of Trumpinstead of choosing a group of Justice Department officials to avoid a conflict right at the moment that Trump announced his desire to return to lead the country in 2024.

    Garland has promised that the appointment of a special counsel will not delay the work in either case, and Smith has already gotten involved, albeit from the Netherlands. It was during a court filing on Monday that he said Smith reviewed the arguments in a months-long legal fight between the Justice Department and Trump’s lawyers over documents seized in the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8. .

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    However, a panel of federal appeals court judges in Atlanta will hear arguments Tuesday on whether a federal judge did the right thing by appointing an outside legal expert known as a special master to review most of those documents.

    The Justice Department officials declined to answer questions Monday about the mechanics of the special counsel’s start. They also did not say whether some senior officials who have been intimately involved in the Trump investigation will now leave that job or temporarily leave their agency roles to work in the special counsel’s office.

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    Mary McCord, a former senior homeland security official at the Justice Department, said that in this case does not expect political appointees to work in the special counsel’s officealthough career prosecutors could continue on the case in that new structure.

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