PoliticsTrump's fingers needed lotion on their fingers so they could take fingerprints

    Trump’s fingers needed lotion on their fingers so they could take fingerprints

    A law enforcement source revealed to Yahoo News that the arraignment against donald trump suffered a slight delay because the ex-president’s fingers were extremely dry so the court had to provide him with a lotion so that they could take his fingerprints.

    “The only delay in his arraignment occurred when he needed to moisten his fingers with lotion because they were too dry for the authorities to take their fingerprints,” the source revealed.

    According to the aforementioned media, no one cried in court when trump was arrested as the former president stated in an interview with the television presenter Tucker Carlson.

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    It’s a very, very difficult place, and they were crying. They were actually crying. They said, ‘I’m sorry. They said: ‘2024, sir. 2024’. And tears were running down his eyes,” Trump told Carlson.

    But everything seems to be a lie because the informant assured Yahoo News that “There were no people crying. There were no people who said ‘sorry’”.

    Last Tuesday, a Manhattan grand jury indicted Trump of 34 felony business fraud, related to allegations of a “secret” $130,000 hush payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

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    Source: La Opinion

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