PoliticsTrump would 'incriminate himself' if he testifies in Proud Boys trial

    Trump would ‘incriminate himself’ if he testifies in Proud Boys trial

    After the defense of Proud Boys, Norma Pattis, requested the appearance of Donald Trump as a witness in the trial against these people for sedition, the former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said that the former president “he would incriminate himself” if he testifies truthfully in the trial of the far-right group facing charges related to the 2021 Capitol riot.

    “Donald Trump asked patriots to stop the robbery” that’s why “We ask that you take the stand”, requested the defense of Joe Biggs, one of the leaders of the Florida delegation of this group. Pattis even reported that he would ask the Justice Department, DOJ, for help in trying to get Trump’s witness statement in the trial that is scheduled for March.

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    Kirschner indicated through a video that he shared on the YouTube platform that Trump could invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination, something she has already done in the past and which is part of a protection against being forced to testify against herself.

    “AND Donald Trump, indisputably, has a Fifth Amendment privilege when it comes to the insurrection because if he testified truthfully, which I think it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Donald Trump testify truthfully, but if he testified truthfully, he would incriminate himself regarding the attack by the January 6 to the Capitol,” Kirschner said.

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    While Pattis wants Trump to take the stand, It will be the judge of the United States District Court, Tomothy Kelly, who will have the last word.

    The five defendants, Enrique Tarrio, Zachary Rehl, Ethan Nordean, Dominic Pezzola and Joseph Biggs, have pleaded not guilty and their lawyers will defend that they did not conspire to prevent the transfer of power after Donald Trump (2017-2021) lost the 2020 presidential election.

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    Source: La Opinion

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