PoliticsTrump wins Republican backing after Mar-a-Lago search warrant is made public

    Trump wins Republican backing after Mar-a-Lago search warrant is made public

    Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives expressed their faithful support and backing for former President Donald Trump after the search warrant signed by a judge and which authorized the FBI to search his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida was made public through the media.

    The new search warrant revealed that the Justice Department suspected that Trump had violated the Espionage Act. FBI agents recovered 11 sets of classified “top secret” documents, as well as an inventory of seized items.

    Republican lawmakers dismissed the news accusing the Department of Justice (DOJ) of conducting a “political witch hunt” designed with the sole purpose of damaging Trump politically while there is speculation that he will seek to be a candidate for president in 2024.

    “What they have been doing to President Trump is political persecution,” Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told reporters on Capitol Hill.

    The Republican representative went on to say that the attorney general abused his power to go after the enemies of President Joe Biden. In addition, he filed articles of impeachment against Garland.

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    Merrick Garland abused his position of power as attorney general to politically persecute the enemies of Joe Biden. And the whole purpose of this is to prevent former President Trump from being able to take office,” he shared.

    And he continued: “We cannot tolerate this in the United States, where our great institutions are used and abused in such a way that they defeat the political enemies of the people.”

    Other Republican legislators who were in the room did not hesitate to show their support and defend Trump against a Department of Justice.

    Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert raised the question regarding a related investigation into Hillary Clinton, who she says was never accused of using a private server to conduct official business.

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    “Did they find the 33 thousand deleted emails of Hillary Clinton in the safe? That’s what I want to see,” exclaimed Boebert.

    For his part, Dan Crenshaw of Texas addressed the media to express his concern that the Justice Department has been too aggressive with a former president.

    “People are legitimately upset, the precedent this sets. Seems unnecessary to send armed FBI agents to Mar-a-Lago when you could have cited these documents. She supposedly knew they were there. He was already being cooperative with other documents,” Crenshaw noted.

    A few days ago, a survey prepared by Morning Consult/Politico was published in which it was reflected that of the Republicans surveyed 69% responded that the search for Mar-a-Lago was done primarily to damage the political career of Donald Trump.

    The same poll also found that three out of five Republicans would vote for him again in 2024 if he runs for US president.

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    Independent and Republican voters are united in their outrage for this tragic and unprecedented event in the history of the United States,” United States Action Convention President Mark Meckler said in a statement.

    Jim Banks, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee accused Attorney General Garland of withholding vital information so that the public would understand what the ongoing investigation was about.

    “The fact that Merrick Garland is working selectively instead of publishing more details makes this all very suspicious. There are so many things that the American people deserve to know that we don’t know,” she pointed out.

    For her part, Nancy Pelosi called on Republicans to stop making threats against law enforcement, and Democratic lawmakers have defended the FBI. While waiting for more details regarding the investigation.

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