PoliticsTrump vs Biden: Who has the visionary foreign policy that suits to...

    Trump vs Biden: Who has the visionary foreign policy that suits to the US?

    Trump vs Biden on foreign policy:

    The US is just a few weeks away from its Presidential election on November 3. It is quite obvious to analyze who is going to lead the US at the international stages? And What will be the factors over which US foreign policy will be demarcated? Republican candidate Donal Trump who is famous for his sweeping statements almost dragged the international order in an anarchic situation.

    Whether it is the trade war with China or closing the nuclear deal with Iran or taking a U-turn on Paris climatic agreement, all these events marked that US President conservative approach paved the way for creating a mess in the international system.

    Two biggest parties of US, Republican and Democrat have different plans for the foreign policy. Who is unaware of the fact that it is US hegemony at the world system where the foreign policy of the US is corrosively adopted and put over the other tailed nations. Trump policy has not only wounded the US but damaged its efficacy at various level. The US foreign policy for China has been framed into an offensive and aggressive way. This is the reason why most of the third world nations and other non-government partners has sided itself out of the fight.

    Now, let’s examine the foreign policy of Trump and Biden one by one…

    Advancement of the world towards the second Cold war

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    Now, If the US re-elects Trump to continue his second and final term, the international system may enter into a new phase where the conflict between emerging power China and Superpower US may take a sharp pace. The era of the cold war may revive again. This time the main players for both sides would be US and China. The trade war, economic competition, foreign policy to win the support of nations and diplomacy level disputes may worsen the scenario. But, for that Trump is solely responsible. Chinese territorial expansion, economic boosting and the new strategy aiming Neo-colonialism are equally accountable for that.

    If the US elect Biden after the election, the chances of conflict can be minimized to an extent. The liberals approach to handle the counter-attack at the international level is very pragmatic and behavioral which is not as aggressive as that of the conservative. Biden may opt and adopt the flexible as well as track 2 diplomacy to cope up with the conflict and resolute it for peacefulness.

    The normalization of relations with Gulf countries

    Trump’s administration and foreign policy have been very aggressive towards the gulf countries. The US foreign policy under Trump for Gulf nations saw a rise in discontent towards earlier policies and agreements. The cancellation of the nuclear deal with Iran and raising tensions between both countries create tensions in middle east countries.

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    The earlier nuclear deal over which Trump administration dragged back their hands is signed with Iran during Democrat rule under Barack Obama presidentship. Trump announced that he will not be going to entertain Iran with the existing nuclear deal. He said the US is not recertifying the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Congress 2015 (JCPOA). If Biden elected as the President of the US, then the chances of revival of the new nuclear deal between Iran-US will be high.

    Border battle for National security

    Trump administration has been criticized from time to time for his ‘America first and Americans first visionary conservatism which pushed the US to follow protectionism policy. Republican President had instituted the zero-tolerance policy towards national security. Trump had formulated a plan to seize borders and make the wall to tighten the norms for entering into America via Mexico. Trump administration spent a large amount of money on bordering the US against Mexico through walls.

    Now, Joe Biden is critically different in his approach as under Obama’s administration, the compliance of border disputes and the areas of national security has never been an issue. Under Biden and Harris leadership, this issue can be resolved.

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    Trump-Congress battle for Fund for border fencing

    Trump has almost been targeted by Congress for his controversial demand of $5.7 billion for building a wall along the southern part of the US. The emergency was implemented for almost 35 days by the federal government. The tussle between Congress and Trump was all a move to divert the concentration from his impeachment process. Trump even put forward the plan of cutting military expenditure and give that sum of amount for bordering the US. The move was seen as a dramatic behave of the US President.

    Apart from that, there are certain core assumptions which show that Biden as a Democrat President can give a better look and design to foreign policy when it comes to a matter like:-

    – Flexibility in norms of Visa Policy
    – Trade Agreements with South Asian nations
    – End of a trade war with China
    – End of aggressive rivalry with China and Russia
    – Conflict analysis and peace building

    This makes Biden a more suited and able face for the next US President. Joe Biden, however, is leading from Trump nationally by more than 16 per cent said CNN poll report. Hope the US would have a better vision for selecting the good leader for them.

    Richard Ferdinand
    Richard Ferdinand
    Richard Ferdinand is an aspiring Journalist, Explorer, Adventure Loving and Blogger. You can contact him via [email protected]



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