PoliticsTrump sues Michael Cohen for $500 million

    Trump sues Michael Cohen for $500 million

    This Wednesday, former president Donald Trump sued his former lawyer Michael Cohen, as Fox News announced through its digital platform.

    According to the media and communication, the former president sued him for more than $500 million dollars alleging a violation of your attorney-client relationshipas well as unjust enrichment among other actions.

    “This is an action arising from multiple (Cohen’s) defaults of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, conversion, and breaches of contract by virtue of (Cohen’s) prior service as (Trump’s) employee and attorney,” the lawsuit says.

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    The federal lawsuit, according to the aforementioned media, of more than 30 pages was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    According to the lawsuit, seen by Fox News, Cohen violated attorney-client relationship by “spreading falsehoods” about Trump that they “would likely be embarrassing or disruptive, in addition to having engaged in other misconduct.”

    Furthermore, it is specified that the lawyer also breached a confidentiality agreement that he signed as a condition of being employed by Trump.

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    As part of the evidence that Cohen breached his confidentiality contract, they highlighted the countless public statements the lawyer has madeas well as the publication of two books, a podcast and appearances in different media.

    “Such continued and escalating misconduct on the part of (Cohen) has reached a proverbial crescendo and has left (Trump) no alternative but to seek legal redress through this action. He has suffered extensive reputational damage as a direct result of (Cohen’s) violations,” the lawsuit states.

    A source close to Trump’s legal team told the aforementioned outlet that the complaint against Michael Cohen “has nothing to do with the lawless and factless case of the Manhattan district attorney and it is a totally separate matter.”

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