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    Trump Says DeSantis Would Be Working “At A Pizza Parlor” If It Weren’t For Him

    donald trump put aside -for a few minutes- his drama for the investigation that falls on his shoulders for the $130,000 payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2016 and went for the jugular to Ron DeSantis.

    The 2024 presidential hopeful told Fox News host, Sean Hannitythat the support he gave Desantis in 2018 in his gubernatorial primary race “It was like a nuclear weapon had gone off.”

    told that the governor of Florida came to him with “tears in his eyes” to ask him for support, he did not hesitate to offer his support because during his impeachment trial while he was president he defended him, however, the text that DeSantis gave him to read was not to his liking and changed it to be “excellent”.

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    “I told him ‘write what you would like (him to read) and let me see it.’ He wrote it and I thought it was terrible. I changed it up, made it great and gave it great endorsement. From the moment he pushed that button, the guy flew. The race was over,” he said.

    But the most stinging dart came when he assured that if it hadn’t been for his endorsement, DeSantis would be working at a pizza parlor or a law firm and would never have gotten the nomination.

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    It was during his stint at Fox News that blamed all the support he gave the governor of Florida during his run to become governor in 2018

    It is not the first time that Trump has gone for the throat of DeSantis, who is known to be his strongest rival in the 2024 elections; over the weekend he told his followers that the governor tearfully asked him to support him and at the beginning of March he said that He “probably” regrets supporting him in 2018.

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    So far DeSantis has not commented on Trump’s hurtful statements about him and it is very likely that he will not do so since He has avoided at all costs getting involved in the former president’s dirty game.

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    Source: La Opinion

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