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    Trump promises that if he returns to the White House he will end the inflation caused by Biden

    MIAMI – The Former President donald trump promised this Tuesday to “reverse the tax increases” in case he returns to the White House to “stop the nightmare of inflation” of the government of Joe Bidenwhich he blamed for being responsible for “the highest inflation in decades” registered in the country.

    In a video released Tuesday through his Make America Great Again (MAGA) campaign, Trump lashed out at Biden, accusing him of creating “the highest inflation in decades” along with a “radical Democratic Congress.”

    “Now the inflation and high interest rates that Joe Biden caused have resulted in the Biden banking crisis, a disaster of historic proportions. I will reverse Biden’s tax increases and regulation increases and return to a pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-worker policy that puts America first,” Trump said.

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    In the 1:53-minute video, titled “Biden’s banking crisis is a disaster of historic proportions,” Trump, who last January relaunched his electoral campaign to compete in the Republican primaries and run for the White House in the elections of 2024, he said that “America needs a president who knows how to run the economy.”

    “We are seeing bank failures left and right. Biden and his enablers in Congress are directly responsible for creating this economic catastrophe. And with Joe Biden at the wheel, it will only get worse. That is what is happening in almost all sectors, ”he remarked.

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    In the video, he also called the “Green New Deal” a “socialist joke”, which is committed to investments in the next ten years in energy sources with zero polluting emissions.

    Earlier this month, Biden presented a proposed 2024 budget aimed at winning over the working class with tax increases for the rich and more funding for social programs, which would mean a reversal of the tax reform that was approved in 2017 under the Trump government.

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    Source: La Opinion

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