PoliticsTrump is mocked on social media for his “important announcement”

    Trump is mocked on social media for his “important announcement”

    On Wednesday night, Donald Trump used his social network to inform his followers that on Thursday the 15th he would make a very important announcement.

    His message was accompanied by a video where he could be seen clad in a superhero suit posing as Superman in front of Trump Tower in New York City. Additionally, the businessman is shown opening his dress shirt to reveal a superhero suit complete with a letter ‘T’ across the chest as beams of light shoot from his eyes.

    The tycoon sparked endless speculation, many believed that he would step back from his desire to be president againothers only limited themselves to mentioning that he would most likely respond to his many problems in a funny way, however, none of the hypotheses came close to reality.

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    “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I will make an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!”, was the message with which Trump provoked intrigue.

    What Trump announced was the launch of their “Official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card Collection is Here”.

    According to official information, limited edition digital cards will be worth $99 each, and will display artwork depicting Trump’s life and career. They are meant to be collected “like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting.”

    After uncovering your message, the tycoon went for the jugular through Twitter. Presenter David Leavitt called his message “scammerous,” while political science professor Eddie Zipperer wondered whether the cards were the actual ad or some sort of “Trump-mocking meme.”

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    Consultant Daniel Bostic, a former congressional staffer, tweeted: “These are not the actions of a leader who is serious about saving our country.”

    “If Donald Trump loses the GOP primary (a big if), we might want to see the moment he responded to Ron DeSantis’ rise in the polls by releasing a set of weird NFTs to line his pockets,” the podcast host wrote. Dan Pfeiffer.

    Social media users were also forceful “This is the clown the United States wants for president?”. “Incredible how he wastes time.” “I don’t know why we are surprised that Trump does this kind of thing.” “While his life burns in flames, this man occurs to take out his prints.” “Nobody wants to have you at home.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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