PoliticsTrump fills his mouth when talking about McCarthy's triumph: "I started to...

    Trump fills his mouth when talking about McCarthy’s triumph: “I started to make people unite”

    donald trump He had no qualms in revealing that if McCarthy obtained the presidency of the House of Representatives it was thanks to the support he gave him from his trenches. The former president revealed that last week made 20 calls to the so-called “Never Kevin” to support the Republican.

    It was during a telephone interview with Just the news, no noisea program of Real America’s Voice, which Trump revealed that he used the good relationship he has with some McCarthy opponents to achieve that triumph in the Chamber after 15 votesa fact that had never been seen in American politics.

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    “When the critical moment came, you know, there were 20 people who were pretty hard-liners and they happen to be very good friends of mine,” Trump said.

    Trump noted that he decided to make the calls, not because of a third party, but because he was not “liking what was happening”.

    “It was starting to look a bit chaotic. It was starting to look a little no good. And what happened is I started calling them and I started getting people to agree with me and get them to join“, revealed. And he added that after those calls he literally avoided a “snub.”

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    “I think if they went away and had two and a half days, three days in between…. I don’t know if anything good ever happened, you might have ended up with a democrat to be honest with you. I don’t know if this would have ever been done about him, ”said Trump who on Saturday morning, after an intense vote, wrote through his social account “I helped Kevin McCarthy a lot to reach the position of Speaker of the House.”

    Trump’s statements come after McCarthy publicly thanked him for all the support “I want to especially thank President Trump, I don’t think you should doubt, no one should doubt his influence. He was with me from the beginning. And he was all in. He would call me and call others. And I really was, I was talking to him tonight, helping get those final votes.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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