PoliticsTrump co-defendant Walt Nauta's arraignment postponed for failing to find local lawyer

    Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta’s arraignment postponed for failing to find local lawyer

    The reading of charges against the assistant donald trumpWaltine “Walt” Nauta, in Miami, Florida, was postponed to July 6 because the former president’s co-defendant has been unable to find a local attorney to represent him in the criminal case over the classified documents case.

    The reading, which was scheduled for Tuesday the 27th, was suspended after the judge was informed that Nauta did not have a local legal representative as provided by state law.

    At the same time, a judicial file to which CNN had access revealed that the lawyer for Nauta another state, Stan Woodward, informed Magistrate Judge Edwin Torres that his client also did not appear in court for the hearing because his flight from New Jersey was cancelled.

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    CNBC reported that he contacted Woodward to find out why Nauta has not retained the services of a lawyer in Florida to represent youbut has not responded to the questions.

    Navy veteran Nauta is indicted alongside former President Donald Trump for the mishandling of secret White House documents.

    It is known that the former president’s assistant could face up to 90 years in prison if convicted on six counts, including conspiracy and lying to the FBI.

    In the first mention in the court document about the former Republican president’s assistant, it is stated that Nauta moved between November 2021 and January 2022, together with another person who was designated as “employee 2”, boxes from the storage room to Trump’s residence for his review.

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    The document also states that Nauta found several boxes in Mar-a-Lago on December 7, 2021which he opened and discovered that they contained classified content.

    But the movements of boxes would not have been at the initiative of Nauta, nor of “employee 2”, but at the instructions of Trump, action that both the former president and his employees concealed from the lawyers of the candidate for the White House, as well as from other federal authorities.

    Nauta has been a Trump aide since he left the White House in 2021 and whom the former president qualifies as a “wonderful man.”

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