PoliticsTrump campaign “makes it look like wolves” to the prosecutors who are...

    Trump campaign “makes it look like wolves” to the prosecutors who are in charge of the investigation of the classified documents

    Donald Trump seems to have “key” information about the investigation that a group of prosecutors, including special prosecutor Jack Smith, have been carrying out for a few months on the discovery of hundreds of classified documents found in his Mar-a-Lago mansion, because he is already preparing a television commercial that promises to be a bomb.

    According to NBC News, this announcement appears to be a response to a possible additional criminal charge.

    According to the Trump campaign, the ad, which will be broadcast nationally on cable, begins with this question. “How far are the radical left and the ringside bandits willing to go to stop him?”

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    The aforementioned medium, which had access to the video that has not yet been published, mentions that the narrator can be heard saying “let’s accuse him. Let’s get the corrupt radical left prosecutors to indict him.” as images of former FBI Director James Comey, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Smith and former Special Counsel Robert Mueller appear on the screen.

    And add “Let’s collude with Hillary and the FBI, with false stories about him, all to distract us from incompetence, weakness and corruption to steal money from Biden.

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    The audio is accompanied, according to NBC News, by a wolf spliced ​​along with other images, including the Biden scene and his recent downfall.

    This information comes before Donald Trump’s former adviser, Taylor Budowich, to go to court in Miami, Florida, to testify before a grand jury investigating the discovery of hundreds of classified documents in the former president’s mansion.

    Via Twitter, Budowich launched into a critique of efforts to entrap Trump “today, in what can be described as a disingenuous and deeply troubling effort of using the power of government to ‘get’ Trump, I fulfilled my legal obligation to testify before a federal grand jury and answered all questions honestly.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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