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    Trump called Puerto Rico a place with “absolutely no hope” while dosing aid for Hurricane Maria

    donald trump He showed little empathy with Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and even called the island a place “absolutely without any hope,” as reported by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in her book “Confidence Man.”

    The reporter also revealed that the former president he saw the island as “a property in distress” after the hurricane devastated it and went so far as to suggest that the island was not part of the United States.

    To get the former president to commit to helping Puerto Rico, whose residents were without power and water for months, his team learned to frame it on a “personal level,” to get him to show interest, Haberman wrote. Trump told his top advisers that did not want “not a single dollar” to go to hurricane relief in Puerto Ricoas reported by The Washington Post in 2019.

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    After refusing to send aid, Trump visited Puerto Rico to assess the damage who had left the hurricane and was widely criticized because at one of his stops he threw paper towels at the crowd while telling them to “have a good time” and that it was a “good crowd”.

    Despite the accusations and strong criticism, Trump described his efforts in response to the hurricane in Puerto Rico as a “incredible and anonymous success”as well as “One of the best works that have been done”.

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    This revelation adds to the audio obtained by CNN that would have shown how Donald Trump falsely claimed that he had given the National Archives the letters he exchanged with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

    This statement by the former president was made during an interview conducted by the same New York Times reporter, Maggie Haberman, last year.

    “However, I have great things, you know. The letters, the letters of Kim Jong Un. I had a lot of them,” the tycoon told the reporter.

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