PoliticsTrump blasted DeSantis, saying only he can prevent another World War

    Trump blasted DeSantis, saying only he can prevent another World War

    donald trump claimed Wednesday that Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis is preparing to launch a month-long election campaign financed by Florida taxpayers to advance his 2024 Republican Party candidacy for the Presidency.

    Trump issued a statement Wednesday that said Floridians “are asking how much public money is being spent, what donor planes DeSantis is traveling on, and whether any of it will be reported as campaign spending,” according to WFLA.

    Trump also referred Wednesday to the Florida governor’s “childish cliches” in foreign policy and “reckless rhetoric” against Russia as dangerous, while also assuring that he is the “only candidate who can avoid World War III.”

    Trump, who promoted DeSantis’s 2018 Florida gubernatorial candidacy, is his biggest critic since the governor has signaled that he will compete for the Republican nomination for president in 2024 and, therefore, will be his rival. .

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    In a video dedicated to DeSantis’ latest remarks on the Ukraine war, Trump noted that they “reveal a dangerous lack of historical, intellectual, and diplomatic sophistication.”

    Trump said from his residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida that “statecraft and peacemaking require seriousness, sophistication and historical perspective, not meaningless talking points and superficial Washington jokes.”

    After his controversial claim that the war spawned by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is nothing more than a “territorial dispute” between two countries, DeSantis reversed his stance and criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a “war criminal” and He defined Russia as “a gas station with nuclear weapons.”

    According to Trump, those words show that DeSantis has embraced the neoconservative foreign policies of John McCain, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove and the Bushes that it sent US troops and equipment to “fight endless wars all over the world” and has gone “globalist.”

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    “Those like Mitt Romney and Ron DeSantis, much alike, who insist on arrogantly treating Russia as profoundly inferior to the other nations of the world, without history, culture or pride, are not only ignorant and foolish, but their attitude makes it impossible to negotiate peace,” Trump said.

    The former president said his government was tougher on Russia than any other, but at the same time showed respect for Russia and the Russian people.

    “We show understanding of Russian history and the fact that Russia lost more than 20 million lives in World War II. They were fighting with us,” Trump added.

    Trump stressed that Stances like DeSantis’s toward Russia only increase “the possibility of a deadly nuclear escalation.”

    “We need a statesman and peacemaker in the White House, not someone who rattles off meaningless, recycled talking points to win approval for a failed foreign policy system,” he said, speaking of himself.

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    “I am the only candidate who can avoid World War III. I will prevent World War III, there is no one else who is going to do that, ”he stressed.

    So far only Trump and the former governor and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley are candidates for the Republican nomination for the Presidency in the 2024 elections.

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    Source: La Opinion

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