PoliticsTrump and Top Military figures trade words over George Floyd’s violent protests

    Trump and Top Military figures trade words over George Floyd’s violent protests

    Tempers have flared in lately between President Donald Trump and some military personnel who disapprove of his handling of violent crimes associated with protests demanding justice for George Floyd who was murdered by police on May 25.

     The U.S Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and several other national security observers have in one fashion or the other criticized the Trump administration for her position on both policy formulations as well as on national leadership.

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    Fox News reported that in two Tweeter messages on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump asserted that probably the one thing he has in common with Barack Obama is that they both had the privilege of sacking Jim Mattis, America’s most overrated Army General.

    Trump noted he requested Mattis’ resignation and feels great about it saying his pseudo name was ‘Chaos’, but had to be changed to ‘Mad Dog’ because the name did not feel great.

    Despite his bogus assertion, Mattis was actually not given the nickname by Trump because the laughable name had been in use since 2004.

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    Trump added that Mattis’ strong point was not military, but rather personal public relations. He said he had given Mattis a new life, things to do, and grounds to cover, but he failed to deliver expected results.

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    Trump was reacting to Mattis’ criticism published by The Atlantic where the General complained about Trump being the first elected President in a long time who makes almost a zero effort at uniting Americans.

    He said Americans were experiencing the consequences of 3 years of immature leadership alongside this sort of efforts.

    Incidentally, Mattis is not the only military figure to criticize Trump recently. John Allen, a retired four-star Marine general wrote a featured article for Foreign Policy on Thursday morning challenging Trump’s photo session in front of St. John’s Church.

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    The security agents working with Trump had employed the use of some strong-arm tactics in clearing protesters off the street to pave the way for his visit to St. John’s Church.

    Allen stated in order to pretend that he empathizes with peaceful protesters, Trump referred to himself as the ally of peaceful protesters.

    But, at that very moment, just a short distance from Lafayette Park, fully armed anti-riot police and troops set upon the peaceful demonstrators there without provocation, rough handling and beating many of them throughout.

    Sioux County Radio reports that Allen stated that if the U.S. was to overcome the current challenges, she would need to look beyond Trump for mature leadership.

    He advised Americans to take note of his stance since that could be a trigger to the start of a change into enlightenment.

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    Meanwhile, Defense Secretary, Mark Esper on Wednesday expressed his opposition to the activation of the Insurrection Act to handle rioters.

    He said the option to deploy active-duty forces for a law enforcement assignment should be the last resort, noting that America was not in a dire situation. So, he would not recommend an invocation of the Insurrection Act.

    Subsequently, Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, was queried about Esper’s remarks but she did not say whether or not the President was comfortable with his blunt statement.

    She merely noted that Esper was still Secretary and should the president not want to work with him any longer Americans would learn about that whenever it comes up.

    Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Mike Mullen also wrote a critical piece in The Atlantic this week about the government’s actions in preparation for Trump’s controversial visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

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    These events come as the government has debated about her decision to return active-duty troops to their bases after a deployment to help control violent crimes within Washington, D.C.

    Esper, after a meeting at the White House Wednesday, rescinded his decision to send members of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division back to their base at Fort Bragg and decided to keep them within D.C. indefinitely.

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    Some current and former military heads have challenged the military’s allegedly use as a prop by Trump in his bid to prove that he is keeping it tough against violent protesters.

    According to Baltimore Jewish Life, the atmosphere surrounding the recent anti- racial riots has heightened tensions between Trump and some current and former military leaders. 

    Trump faulted Mattis in Wednesday night’s Twitter messages and also sent subsequent posts reinforcing his strong-arm approach in a Thursday morning tweetstorm.

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    The publication by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Mark Milley on Wednesday reminding military heads of their oath to the U.S. Constitution comes at a time when there is a disagreement between the president and some military eggheads.

    Milley stated that personnel of the U.S. military swear an oath to defend the Constitution and the values within it.

    He also stated that the documents were established on the essential principle that every human is born free and equal, and should be treated with dignity.

    He reminded troops and leaders on the need to uphold the values of America in consistency with national laws every time.

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