PoliticsTrump and DeSantis target immigrants at campaign rallies

    Trump and DeSantis target immigrants at campaign rallies

    donald trump and Ron DeSantis they are looking for a republican presidential nomination for 2024 and they’re making it through hardline anti-immigrant promises to attract the vote of Republicans who disagree with immigration.

    It is unknown to no one that both Trump and DeSantis are against the Biden Administration migration policies and have raised their voice against it; now that both are seeking to be president, they have made a promise that directly targets migration if they become president.

    Trump vowed to deny the children of immigrants in the United States the constitutional right to automatic birthright citizenship if he wins the 2024 electoral race.

    “As part of my plan to secure the border, on the first day of my new term, I will sign an executive order making it clear to federal agencies that, based on the proper interpretation of the law, future children of immigrants will not automatically receive U.S. citizenshipTrump said in a video recorded from Mar-a-Lago.

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    In addition, it would direct federal agencies to require that at least one parent is a US citizen or lawful permanent resident for their US-born children to become US citizens.

    Those children, children of immigrants, who do not meet that requirement, will not only not be granted automatic citizenship, but will notor they may be given “passports, Social Security number They (also may not be) eligible for certain taxpayer-funded assistance benefits.”

    This decree that Trump will dictate on his first day in the White House, in the event of victory at the polls, is nothing more than a broader strategy of securing the US-Mexico border.

    As if they had agreed Ron DeSantis also used his first campaign event in Iowa to intensify his attacks on immigration.

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    The governor of Florida, a well-known anti-immigrant, pointed out that the border is collapsed and vowed to fight sanctuary cities in the United States if the American people elect him as president.

    “The border is collapsed. Millions of illegal immigrants are coming in, many criminals and terrorists and the drug cartels and fentanyl. SWe are a sovereign nation and our border must be respected“, said the candidate for the White House before about 500 people who gathered in the auditorium of an evangelical Christian church in the suburbs of Des Moines where the banners of a “Great American Comeback” were present.

    This campaign promise is part of his hardline anti-immigration policy that he has managed for years as governor of Florida and that recently led him to sign one of the toughest immigration laws in the United States.

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    In accordance with SB 1718, which will take effect on July 1 and it will punish companies that employ the undocumented with heavy fines, in addition to punishing family members or other people who help this group.

    The controversial law also does not recognize licenses to rent vehicles issued by states that are more benevolent with these immigrants and forces hospitals to ask about the immigration status of a registered patient.

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